Sprint Galaxy Nexus toroplus 4.1.1 mysidspr factory images

If you own a Galaxy Nexus and wanted to get your firmware back to stock Android, there have been factory images available for Nexus devices for quite some time, including the Verizon Galaxy Nexus. However when it comes to the Sprint version of the device, it appears this has been overlooked, that is up until now.

For those that own a Sprint Galaxy Nexus and would like to get their handset back to stock Android, there is a factory image for the toroplus now available to download. According to Phandroid, it is an image for Android Jelly Bean 4.1.1 firmware, and they suggest that it is possible that both 4.1.2 and 4.2 could become available if or when the upgrades are released to Sprint’s 2nd Nexus device.

For those Android faithful that may not know, factory images are compressed files that include a script which will restore your firmware, radios, bootloader and so on to help get your device back to stock Android.

So basically these files are useful if you have flashed custom ROMs onto your Android device and now wish to return that device to its factory state. However to do so you will require the Android SDK because you need to have the fastboot tool in order to use it.

Your handset will need to be in fastboot mode with the bootloader unlocked, and you will need to uncompress the download before use, as this will make a new directory for that specific download, which includes a ./flash-all.sh script that will handle the various operations along with installing the necessary baseband firmware, operating system and bootloader.

However one should be made aware before you go ahead, that this operation will delete all user data by default.

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