GoTab 7-inch Android ICS Tablet Review, budget brilliance

There are many 7-inch tablets on the market and some of them include the iPad mini, Google Nexus 7, Kindle Fire and many more, and they go from rock bottom prices up to a whole new level in the £200 bracket. The question is “Can everyone afford the top tabs on the market?” Please let us give you our review of the GoTab 7-inch Android ICS tablet; this is where budget brilliance comes into play.

Before we get into the ‘GoTab 7-inch Android 4.0 Tablet’ review, we must stress that we are not going to compare specs with other tablets, comparing this tablet with say the iPad Mini would be just ludicrous. The iPad mini specs are much greater than this but then the price is also that much greater, so no getting your debating heads on.

We will keep this to the point and will be covering things like first impressions, specs and of course where to buy etc, as well as including our very own hands-on photos.

First Impressions
The box is very smart and informative when it comes to product detail, on the front of the box it clearly says GoTab 7” Capacitive Android- 4.0 Tablet – Enjoy Wi-Fi Internet, email, apps, games & HD Movies with Google Play. On the side it states its model number with GTB740R.

The Android 4.0 tablet looks very nice indeed and after glancing at it for a while we cannot fault it, its cute and not cheap looking at all. You will be pleasantly surprised how much this Android device cost, keep reading because the price is coming.

The Design
When it comes to the design we actually like it very much, trust us if it was cheap to touch we would let you know. The casing is made from durable plastics and the screen is made of glass even though it is LED behind it. It is really stylish to look at with its ports on the side, volume rockers and on/off button on the top, and the speaker on the back is nicely placed to give you a reasonable audio experience. Love this one we have because it is in black, looks very business like and well sexy to be honest.

The Key Features & Specs
When it comes to key features the ones that stand out the most include these: ARM A8 — RK2918 1.2Ghz Processor, 7” Capacitive Touchscreen LED screen, 512MB RAM, 4GB Storage Drive, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (Would have been better if this was capable of Jelly Bean loving”, other key specs we like include Fast Browsing, Facial Recognition and the ability to link to TV (We do love a little streaming now). This tablet also comes with SD Card slot capable of up to 32GB, 16:9 Aspect Capacitive Touchscreen (800 x 480 WVGA Resolution) Wireless N 802.11b/, HDMI 1080p Out, Micro USB Port, 0.3MP Front VGA Camera, 2,000mAh battery and much more.

The Positives
The price for starters, the look and feel is of quality and not rubbish workmanship, it is a perfect size for browsing the Internet / playing games / and even watching movies is pleasant.

The Negatives
The screen is a little bitty when reading words on websites; this is not too much of a problem because your eyes adjust. It would have been so much better if you could upgrade this to Android Jelly Bean, but this will not happen so Ice Cream Sandwich it is. This tablet does not have Bluetooth, which is a shame, some will say that 7-inch tablets are pointless and it is the 10-inchers that will be favoured, read our summary for our take on this.

Phones Review Overall Summary
Obviously we did not pay for this GoTab 7-inch Android ICS Tablet, but if we did pay for it we would actually say WOW. Ok it is not as good as the iPad Mini, it may not have the a great viewing screen like other top expensive models but let us get real for a moment. The price of this tab is only around the £80 mark, it works very well indeed using WiFi where we are and never get booted from the net, it is rather quick and no tantrums this end.

Now if you look at the low end storage of the iPad mini at 16GB and then this GoTab at 4GB then look at the price differences of £269 for the cheapest iPad mini model and the £80 mark for this GoTab it works out the iPad is better value for money as 4GB x 4 = 16GB x £80 per 4GB, this totals to £320 for a 16GB model GoTab, we all know that the specs are so much better on the iPad Mini, but if you are on a budget and cannot afford those iPad Mini prices we would have to say that the GoTab is a great little tablet. This GoTab is a great buy and we like it, for £80 you cannot really go wrong here.

Where to Buy

It is actually hard to get your hands on this GoTab 7-inch Android 4.0 tablet to be honest, but you can find them via a few retailers such as Amazon for around £80, Misco do many tablets on it’s website so it is worth checking them out, the GoTab is budget brilliance in our eyes.

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