Halo Universe Beta for Android, Waypoint access and more

We bring readers details about new and popular apps all the time and every now and then a beta app comes to our attention that we know will appeal to many. The Halo Universe (Beta) app for Android has just become available and the final version will offer Waypoint access and more.

The thing to be aware of is that because this is a beta app it means that it’s in the early stages of development and so users will face flaws and glitches that will not appear in the final version. Using a beta app though is a great way of getting a taste of what the finished article will have to offer and Halo Universe Beta will no doubt be hugely popular with Halo fans. The beta app only became available today and is compatible with devices running Android 2.1 or later.

It’s a free app and you can get Halo Universe (Beta) from Google Play here. Apart from access to the official Halo Waypoint mobile version the final version will also offer Halo fan films, the Forward Unto Dawn series, the ability to download all of the Halo books in pdf format, a dedicated mobile forum, Halo news sources, access to the Wiki guides for Halo games, wallpapers, YouTube videos and tutorials for using the Forge.

Although this beta version from Google Play is bound to have issues and some features may not be fully functioning or will be missing before the final version, we reckon there will be plenty of Android enthusiasts eager to download this Halo Universe Beta app by Hostile Deviance.

Are you a Halo fan and if so, will you be downloading this beta app? Maybe you were one of the first to do so and could let us know your initial thoughts on it by sending us your comments?

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