Nexus 4 UK sell out and back to notify me

I’m pretty sure that if you are in the United Kingdom and have had your eye on the Nexus 4, you will know that the Android smartphone was put up for sale on Google Play this morning. Obviously the Nexus 4 is going to be a huge success, as the word is not long after the smartphone went up for purchase, the device rapidly became unavailable due to the popular device selling out.

We received an email earlier today letting us know that the Nexus 4 had sold out, not just the 8GB version, but also the 16GB model, and both versions are no longer available to purchase at this time. One can only presume that along with the great specs and features the Android Jelly Bean 4.2 handset offers, the pricing for the device had something to do with the handset being so quickly snapped up.

Thus it would appear that many of the Android faithful who had hoped to snap up either the £239 8GB Nexus 4, or the £279 16GB version, will have to play the waiting game for a while longer at least, but those who have missed out can enter their details on Google Play to be notified when the smartphone is again available.

We have no idea on just how many of each model Google had in stock in advance of putting the Nexus 4 up for sale, but obviously someone failed to consider just how popular demand would be, but I figure Google was erring on the cautious side to see just how the handset took off with initial sales.

Also there is no real word on just when either model of the Nexus 4 will become available to purchase from Google Play in the UK again, but hopefully that notify me wont be around for too long, and the device will again be up for purchase soon. However that probably wont help those that have been left annoyed that they couldn’t buy the device right now.

So we’d like to hear from any of our UK readers that managed to purchase the Nexus 4 this morning, or if you are one of the unfortunate ones that have been left playing the waiting game.


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  1. Nat says:

    I got the email from Google on my phone. Swapped straight to web browser, added 16 gb version to cart. It had several errors when continuing so I just clicked the button, until I hit google wallet.

    The confirmation was also error ridden, a couple of refreshes eventually confirmed my order.

    I’m just glad the carpark I was in had a good 3g signal!.. Now the wait for delivery, hopefully tomorrow or at latest Thursday.

    1. chya says:

      HAH, you’d be lucky. I had the exact same experience as you, and my order estimates shipping on the 15th. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Monday before I had it

  2. BruceK says:

    Managed to get my order in for a 16GB Nexus 4, but not after having gotten through the purchase process to the point of entering delivery details for errors to pop up. Generic error “error 3 components expected by SWT”, then several varieties of “Oops”, then back to “Notify” message. Only by refreshing the page for a while and it fluctuating between “Notify” and “Add to cart” did I manage to get it to correctly add to cart and process payment. As non contract phone user this is a great pairing for my giffgaff sim.

  3. theadamtron says:

    That notify me button is a joke. I signed up for notifications. Not one email for the nexus 4 showed up in my mailbox. The Nexus 4 had been and gone in that time. Not Happy.

    1. Kiran zia says:

      Same here! I signed up for both the 8 and 16gb using two different email adds. When I was notified at 8:30 this morning, I clicked on the link but there was no option of buying the phone. I’m very dissapointed!

  4. giznorm says:

    The website crashed 4 times during the checkout process. The first three times I still had the phone in my cart. The final time … nothing. It’s really unpleasant to have waited for hours and to have missed out because of Google’s incompetence. No word of an apology anywhere.

    1. Flame885 says:

      Weirdly, the same thing happened to me and it kept telling me to try again… except suddenly ALL the orders were accepted and I now have six ordered – and to top it all off, they declined all five of my refund requests…

  5. I received notification emails at ~08:40 this morning, instantly went to the play store on both my desktop and mobile but the “Notify Me” button never once switched to “Buy”. FAIL Google, horrendous FAIL.

  6. SWM says:

    Got on within 20 minutes and it was gone. Very disappointed the lack of a pretty order even now is totally ridiculous. Just want to order it and get at least an idea of when I might get it. Being stuck having to check the page all the time and no clear eta is just a pain. I really expected better service from Google, the lack of information and low stock just smacks of marketing BS better suited to other companies.

  7. Managed to get a 16GB N4 too. Started trying at around 8:10 this morning and after 15-20 minutes of webpages timing out, basket emptying, order errors, server errors etc etc finally an order was placed OK.

  8. ian hunter says:

    guys i also got an error on my checkout page for the n4 16gb but i checked in my orders and settings and heh presto it was there not one but two handsets on was paid and one was pending so double check your orders and settings it might be there good luck. ian.

  9. Dom says:

    Got mine, though not for lack of trying. Same as many others here have mentioned – I refreshed hundreds of times, trying to process my payment. Weird and wonderful things were occurring all the while, including different jwt error messages, my basket emptying, and the notify me button intermittently appearing. I was also told my order did not go through, only to later receive an email suggesting that it had. So when I say “got mine,” who really knows. Fingers crossed an “order shipped” email follows some time soon.

    Not an overly impressive checkout experience Google… what’s going on with the quality control? Not a lot, it would seem…

  10. This is nothing more than a PR stunt & since Google now want to behave like Apple. Next thing you know they will want us to stand in queues in the rain like dumb iSheep. I bought the G1 and multiple Android devices since for a promised fair and open eco system, these games and PR stunts are not for me. Android is great Google sucks and I am switching platform.

  11. Andrew me says:

    From the amount of comments i have read on the Internet today about people that did buy one, or missed out on getting one, i would be surprised if they could have predicted such a high demand. Yes maybe they did not stock as many as they could have, but they sold these phones all over the world and were out of stock everywhere, so i suspect they did not do an Apple and keep low stock numbers , I

    suspect they released 2 million worldwide and are now rushing to make a few million more as quickly as possible. The one thing this could cause a problem with is when Windows 8 becomes available ,It could take a few customers that would have been more than happy with the nexus 4 .

  12. very angry, i tried since 0.00 this morning and a few times at night, finally around 8-9ish i could get past the 1st screen but stuck at the next.

    called google who said it hadnt been released, he knew the time it would be but wouldnt say. very unimpressed by the service it makes me sick to think i avoid apple because of service and locking things down.

    now i am not so sure

  13. elogal2012 says:

    ummm….I”m from the USA and never got notified via that stupid link/email!! and have been waiting since what ummm a month for this day! and all I get is ” no longer available” I am livid!!! How can a company produce, market as extensively as they did for this device and on day1 not have enough to sell!!!! wtf?!

  14. Alex says:

    I love how unappreciatve people are. Blame the company, when really its their own doing!! What you essientally caused is a DDOS on yourselves… Mass people trying to access 1 thing at once!! Also i reckon from a company POV, a company would rather have high demand, than have high stock and the product is a flop! So you can almost guarrantee a shortage of stock on what is now a popular product!. I havent been able to order a nexus 4 yet….but i sure am not going to whinge about it. Gosh what-ever happened to the days of people forming an orderly queue online! :D…wait!…what?……Anywho, it will always be when 1 person wins, gains, benefits, theres someone who suffers, loses out….That’s just life! :)….There’s more Nexus’y 4 Goodness to come 🙂 you just have to learn to wait, like millions of other people around the world!!!

    1. Scott says:

      DDOS? Really? im pretty sure this is GOOGLE we’re talking about, who process MILLIONS of searches per second, the Nexus 4 wasn’t that well advertised so im guessing a couple of thousand hits would have done nothing

  15. Jetshop Aimar says:

    I stayed up all night, refreshed at 620am this morning, tried to purchase it like 15 times, but it kept going into my basket, when i was clicking proceed it kept giving me an error, saying that server timed out. Did this for 40 mins, before i got a message saying that ‘notify me’ when back in stock. So annoyed!!

  16. Kiran zia says:

    I spoke to two different advisers over the phone today. They both said they don’t know when the phones will be available to buy again. On gumtree people are selling the 8gb phone for over £300! That’s ridiculous

  17. GrantJohno says:

    I tried both on my works computer and my iPhone. No look on my works computer, it froze when putting in my address. The process was error ridden and it kicked me out of chrome on my iPhone when I clicked pay. When I went back onto chrome it was sold out. I was really disappointed until I received an order confirmation from google about an hour later 🙂

  18. Sam Ellacott says:

    I received the email this morning and was online at 8:35 trying to order, with no luck. What has annoyed me most is the amount that are popping up on ebay for anything up to £429?! Thanks to all those profiteering a#*eholes who have denied genuine buyers a chance to buy these phones at the outset. I would also be interested to know if Google thought to place a limit on the amount purchased in a single transaction as some of these ebay sellers are offering the phones in bulk….

    1. Andy B says:

      My delivery (for an 8GB unfortunately, but I shouldn’t be complaining) has not yet dispatched. I ordered 3 as I wasn’t sure if I was getting any with all the confusing messages, but cancelled 2 straight after. I wonder if Google will honour multiple purchases from the same person? I also wonder if Google have pi**ed off their manufacturer by selling it at this price and if that could contribute to the lack of supply?
      For sure this is mainly PR I think, and it has backfired as I have not seen one mainstream news outlet cover this shortage, only a few bloggers and small articles in the technology section of magazines. If this had been Apple, it would have made the evening news.

  19. tunde says:

    joke joke joke….. i stayed up all night, went on site to buy when notification said buy about 8:45 ,added to basket but still could not buy. still no apologies/news from google to people with similar experiences like mine.why do these companies think they can treat customers poorly and get away with it. whats the job of the organisation called consumer rights………

  20. kab321 says:

    woke 7 o clock cheched yes it was in stock then i went to school came back and all the nexus were gone nooooo i waited 4 flipping weeks for that. but i am definetly goign to buy it soon as possible

  21. Viv says:

    missed out
    o2 had them on contract and was told by the man in the shop that they would be selling they payg
    but did not know when they would be in and the cost would be £399 for 16|GB plus £10 top up
    Left hoping they will be back in google play

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