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Today, the use of smartphones have increased so much that people are depending on it for their every activity. One of the main reasons for this is the growing popularity of the wonderful apps offered by these smartphones. These apps are very useful in our day-to-day activities. So, let us discuss about some of the top apps, which can be useful in managing our personal and household life. These apps are eco-friendly and are very helpful. So, here are the top ten apps and their features listed below which you can use at home:

Please do let us know if you are using any of these listed here, or if you know of any other app that is better than these. Have a little read and see what you make of the ones below, thank you and enjoy.

Seafood Watch
This app is designed by Monetary Bay Aquarium. It provides various options of sushi and seafood restaurants and helps its users in choosing one. It gives information about the different ways of farming or fishing each item. It also gives latest recommendations for sushi and seafood. New Project FishMap feature allows your contribution to this app by adding the restaurants’ names and stores where you can find ocean-friendly seafood and locate businesses where others have found seafood.

This app has been developed by the Water Efficiency magazine. Using this app, people can calculate their water consumption or water footprint. We use water almost everywhere. So, we can learn the ways of reducing water consumption or saving water using this app. It calculates the amount of water you use for household, products, beverages and food daily. This way, we can save water. The water footprint is defined as total volume of freshwater that is used to produce the goods and services consumed by an individual.

EcoCharge app is a useful tool for you as well as your device. It is a beautifully crafted battery manager, which rings an alarm whenever the battery gets fully charged up. So you would never forget to unplug the device, like it happens usually. When battery gets charged up fully, this app helps the user in developing awareness about energy consumption. It provides some eco-friendly tips including how to save energy while using the laptops and cellular phones.

Another important app is iViro, which is very effective in creating more sustainable and eco-friendly houses and living areas. Using this app, you can perform detailed energy analysis without any prior technical experience. You can get to know in detail about the energy consumptions breakdowns of your home’s appliance, water, electricity, cooling and heating at yearly cost including the carbon dioxide emission estimates. Some other features provided by this app are energy-saving strategies you can use to make your home cost-efficient and energy-efficient.

The app named Recyclebank gives rewards to its members for taking eco-friendly actions every day. People get points on the basis of their daily activities like purchasing eco-friendly products, water usage, and recycling and energy efficiency. The members can get updated with their points and can even report some eco-friendly activities to earn more points and thus get rewards from this app.

The GoodGuide app makes it easy and fast to find healthy, safe, green, ethical products delivering all the information you need. It helps consumers in finding social, health and environment performance ratings for companies and products. Users can browse through this app for over 170,000 eco-friendly food, personal and household products. With the help of barcode scanning, you can get details like ingredients, energy efficiency and nutritional value. You can also get customized product recommendations.

This app iRecycle is designed by Earth911.com. It users are connected to over 100,000 databases of recycling centers, present in US. It also includes information about the recyclable and options present for local recycling. The latest version has a feature using which you can share the recycling searches through Twitter and Facebook.

Carbon Footprint
Using this app, you can calculate your carbon footprint. A carbon footprint is defined as the total amount of greenhouse gases produced which directly and indirectly supports human activities, usually expressed in equivalent tons of CO2. This app calculates your CO2 emissions in one year or total carbon emissions till date. Using this app, you can control global warming by calculating and constant monitoring of your personal carbon footprint. The carbon footprint must be reduced to less than 2000 kg CO2 per person and per year.

Farmers Market Finder

Farmers Market Finder is a recently released app, which lists over 2,500 farmers’ markets, CSAs, open markets and U-Pick across the US. This app also provides types of poultry or meat and farm production for sale, contact information, and the hours required for operation. But this app is available only to the residents of Washington DC, Vermont, Virginia, Rhode Island, New York, Massachusetts, Maryland, Georgia, Florida, Delaware and California. This app is free for some areas, but as much as $4.99 for certain states.

This is a multi-functional app called as ecoFootprint, which will help you to calculate your ecological footprint, which involves your food consumption and energy consumption on daily basis and also your CO2 emissions from travel and communicating activity. There is one section known as “Ways to Improve Your Result” which gives ideas about reducing your footprint.

From above mentioned smart phones apps, we can conclude that these apps are very eco-friendly and provide a sustainable house and lifestyle. Using these smart phones, we can actually save our environment from many serious problems such as global warming, pollution, etc. These apps are wonderful and work very fast. It is one of the easiest and most effective methods of getting healthy and green lifestyle. There are lots of such apps out there, which you can try. You just need to download them. Most of the apps can be downloaded for free. These methods are surely going to help you and your environment.

About the author: Gabriela is a tech enthusiast, passionate about the mobile industry and gadgets. She’s a technology entrepreneur, co-founder of UnlockUnit.com.

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