Google Maps app for iOS ready to submit

At its iPhone 5 keynote speech back in September Apple made the expected move of replacing Google Maps with its own Apple Maps application. Trouble is not everything has gone according to plan with numerous problems affecting the Apple application since it was first released, and it is now being reported that the much rumoured Google Maps app for iOS is ready to submit.

Talk begun back in September that the search engine giant was working on a new application for the iOS platform, and earlier this month we reported that the app should be ready by the end of the year, but the company wasn’t overly confident of getting it approved. Now according to Mac World the app has now been sent out for testing to some users outside of Google with iPhone’s and iPad’s.

Apple’s offering has been hit with problems since its release with incorrect information that led to Tim Cook to apologise for the problems that users were experiencing. The new application from Google is claimed to feature turn by turn navigation, which previously the company refused to provide on hardware away from the Android platform that is believed to have been the reason behind Apple’s decision.

Trouble is any company looking to provide content on the iOS platform has to first get approval from Apple, and the company is renowned for blocking content that has similar functions to the main features of its own mobile software.

There was some thought that Google would keep its Maps application exclusive to Android, but since it lost access to iOS its market share has dropped alarmingly in some regions, and hopefully the two companies will put their differences behind them and provide another mapping solution to iOS users, who will also have access to Nokia’s Here application soon.

A spokesman from Google has stated the company wants the service to be available for as many people as possible “regardless of device, browser, or operating system”, we just got to hope Apple feels the same about Google Maps.

Do you miss Google Maps on iOS?


8 thoughts on “Google Maps app for iOS ready to submit”

  1. BongoMan says:

    Hell yes. I am considering selling my iphone and going back to android for google maps. Apple maps is so poor it’s unbelievable, even in London it gets everything wrong.

    Now android has TomTom available as well there is little reason to stay with iphone. Well there’s no reason come to think of it.

    If iphone gets google maps back I’ll stay, if not I’m heading back to the little green robots.

  2. Gaven says:

    iOS6 was a big FU to public transit users and further proof that simplicity, quality, and innovation at Apple died along with Jobs. Welcome to mediocrity Apple – RIP Steve.

  3. Pete says:

    Had every iPhone, but would never buy one again since Apple got rid of Google Maps and put immature and inaccurate Apple Maps on the iOS with no Transit / Bicycling maps…..

  4. R says:

    I missed it so much I dumped my iPhone for good. iOS 6 was dreadful with no noticeable improvements over iOS 5. By replacing the maps they did a massive disservice to their users, and I for one voted with my feet! Long live Android!!

  5. Angel says:

    It was the worst days work apple did dropping google maps. The Apple map is absolutely useless. Like many people if they don’t get google maps back I am seriously considering changing to an android phone. Come on Apple get your act together!!

  6. steve says:

    Had iphone 4 now iphone 5 but will change to Android phone next time if Google maps doesn’t return on ios. Hate ios6, many apps don’t run as they did and removal of google maps and you tube is simply stupid. come on Apple we pay the ectra for your hardware to have a slick interface that works!

  7. M says:

    I really rely on maps and apple getting rid of Google maps will absolutely make me look at other options when my upgrade is due. It was one of the main apps I would use, I’m sure people would pay for the app as a one off charge if necessary as it’s far superior to Apple Maps

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