Countdown to HTC Droid DNA launch with review gathering

In a little over a day the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will be getting a new rival (well that’s what we’re led to believe) with the launch of the HTC Droid DNA on Verizon. Early signs show this to be the best from the Droid stable yet, and with the Full 1080p HD display it’s easy to see why.

As a way to countdown the release of the HTC Droid DNA we thought we would have a little review gathering to see what the general consensus is. Before we get going it’s worth noting that the DNA is not just coming to Big Red, but also to other international carriers as well, which is no real surprise. We recently reported that the Droid DNA will be internationally known as the HTC Deluxe, which as you may remember was one of the code names for this device sometime back.

A number of technology websites have been sharing their opinions as to what they make of the Droid DNA, such as Got to be Mobile, who says that the handset should be on your shopping list this Holiday Season, even if it’s not as good as the Galaxy Note 2 — well in terms of projected sales anyway. They love the amount of RAM and processing power available to them, along with that large HD display.

Business Insider has pointed out that they have been underwhelmed with many of the Android devices that have become available in recent months, but their opinion changed from the moment they removed the Droid DNA from the box. They make a point that while the screen is slightly larger than that of the Galaxy S3, it doesn’t feel as large as you would have assumed. From what they say about the Droid DNA you would think that they work for HTC, as they do seem full or praise, even going as far to say that it’s worth buying if you have not fallen for Apple’s charm.

Ubergizmo has one of the more detailed and in-depth reviews of the HTC Droid DNA and comes to the conclusion that this is the best smartphone on the market in terms of specs. However, they do say that it’s not as clear cut as that because your buying decision will come down to other factors as well. One of the main ones is choosing the DNA over the Galaxy S3, because the latter has a greater accessory choice, which could be a deal clincher. There are a few other things you need to consider, such as the limited storage and lack of a microSD card option, as well as fears that the battery might not be up to the task.

Do you think the HTC Droid DNA has what it takes to battle it out with some of its nearest rivals this Holiday Season?


One thought on “Countdown to HTC Droid DNA launch with review gathering”

  1. TheHos says:

    This phone still looks like a knock-off of the Note 2. Smaller battery for a better picture ratio that isn’t too noticeable, unless you’re recording its screen on another device, should indicate that battery life will be crap. And, it’s a Verizon-endorsed phone… and they haven’t had a history of doing many things correctly.

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