Meet Your Match for Windows Phone, the soul of Smoked

In the past, Microsoft have pushed out numerous videos that attempted to show that a Windows Phone is better than other smartphones. This advertising campaign, as I’m sure you will remember was called Smoked by Windows Phone. And now that Windows Phone 8 has arrived, Microsoft has kicked off a new advertising campaign called Meet Your Match.

Meet your Match, according to the Windows Phone Blog, is a new take on Smoked by Windows, which not only claims Windows Phone is faster than rival handsets, but is more useful, easier, better and more fun. Although the soul of Smoked hasn’t really changed, but now focuses on why Windows Phones are a better match for the user.

To that end, Microsoft has put out a few Meet Your Match videos, which we have embedded below for your viewing consideration. Each video apparently shows real people putting their handset up against a Windows Phone such as the HTC 8X, and the Nokia Lumia 920.

Apparently Microsoft is taking their Meet Your Match campaign across the globe, and as of this week there will be Windows Phone events featuring Meet Your Match challenges in Microsoft stores and malls across the good old US of A, as well as over the pond in the United Kingdom, Germany and France.

Basically the guy in the videos is stating that a Windows Phone smartphone is better for people than an Android handset or an iPhone.

In the videos, the challenges take in a photo challenge to show that Windows Phone 8 devices have a better camera and take better pictures. One video touts what is called Kid’s Corner, which is apparently a ‘phone within a phone’, a kid’s lock screen that only lets your youngster gain access to games, features, and apps the parent wants them to access.

We have embedded three of the Meet Your Match videos below, but there are others available to watch at the Meet Your Match YouTube page.

It appears that that those that take part in the Meet Your Match challenges are upgraded to a Windows Phone, so they can move away from their iPhone or Android handset, so perhaps that is a bit of an incentive to take part.

So we’d like to know if any of our iPhone or Android toting readers would consider ditching their smartphone for a Windows Phone, or if you believe Windows Phone simply isn’t a match for you and your current handset?

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