Nexus 10 and 7 lacks Miracast wireless display

Miracast is a solution for seamlessly displaying video between devices without the need of a network connection or cable, and enables a user to wirelessly show pictures and video on their smartphone or tablet to their big screen TV. However it appears that although the Nexus 4 works with Miracast wireless display, the Nexus 10 and Nexus 7 lacks that functionality.

According to an article over on Phandroid, there is a discussion running on the Google Support Forum over the possibility that Miracast could end up for now only being for the Nexus 4. However a Googler has posted some confirmation on the matter.

That confirmation is that the Nexus 4 is the only Nexus device on Android Jelly Bean 4.2 that works with Miracast wireless display. There apparently had been a reference to the tech on the help site for the Nexus 10; however this has now been removed.

Thus basically if you own the Nexus 10, Nexus 7 or Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.2, although Android 4.2 technically supports Miracast, these devices will not work with Miracast, and whether the wireless solution will come to those devices at some point in the future remains to be seen.

It appears that many of the Android faithful that own a Nexus device other than the Nexus 4 expected Android 4.2 to deliver Miracast wireless display functionality to their device, but are now somewhat annoyed that Google has failed to deliver.

One poster goes as far to say that they ordered both the Nexus 7 and 10, and will be sending them back because Miracast is a must have feature. While another state they gave their Nexus 7 to a friend due to the lack of Miracast, and is now sticking with the Apple iPad and Apple TV.

Thus it seems that some are turning away from the Nexus tablets because of the lack of Miracast wireless display. So we’d like to know if any of our readers are also annoyed that only the Nexus 4 has Miracast, so feel free to voice your opinions to our comments area below.


15 thoughts on “Nexus 10 and 7 lacks Miracast wireless display”

  1. I just sold my iPad and picked up a 32GB Nexus 7 a few weeks ago. One of the final factors in my decision was the ability to do video-out through Miracast. Really disappointing that Google didn’t clarify this info before releasing 4.2, and even more disappointing they don’t address it better now. I’ll keep my Nexus, because I like it better than the iPad…but still not happy.

  2. BB says:

    Agreed. Miracast is a must at this point for me. I’ve been considering a Nexus 10, but i’ll wait to see what the outcome of Miracast is. If they’re trying to pull me away from using apple products or any others for that matter, google needs to match their capability on every front. A better display is nice, but what i’ve always liked about google is the fact that I feel less limited by using their products. Micro HDMI is a step forward in not being limited, but that’s old tech; air play has been available since Sept 2010…

  3. Mike L. says:

    Bought Nexus 7 and Netgear Push2tv in order to replace Cable TV box and browse for Live News Channels. Both may have to go back as I have no other use for them.

  4. Miracast is a big feature that I was excited about with the Nexus 10. Admittedly I was interested in it before hearing that it might have Miracast, and will likely purchase it anyway. However, this is a huge let down as I really had big plans for Miracast and was about to pull the trigger on the Netgear P2TV. I am still hopefull that Miracast will be enabled through an update, but it sure would be nice for Google to give a definitive answer about this.

  5. Disappointed says:

    I stayed on the sidelines waiting for confirmation, because without this feature, I wasn’t going to bite. So glad, so glad. I see this as either misleading the public for profit or pure ineptness. Oh well, I guess I I’ll be getting an UltraBook convertible with Intel WIDI.

  6. David says:

    Very disappointed about the misleading info put out by Google and the unreliable reporting by the tech reporters. Almost all reports about jellybean 4.2 made it seem all nexus devices would have miracast support. It takes a post on a message board to give us actual facts. Very sad.

  7. Quiller says:

    Yes it disapoints me that this functionality has been ommited from the Nexus 7. Come on Google. To compete with Apple you need to up your game and enable this functionality with a software update.

  8. Paul O says:

    Although I sympathise with much of the dissappointment below, the point for me is not that the Nexus 7 doen’t support Miracast, it is more that almost all the “big name” players have really poor or insular products in this respect. Apple – ah, the new big, proprietary evil empire (something they once accused Microsoft, Intel and IBM of). All you can say about them is “compatible with nothing” (except Apple) – iPads are nothing more than poor browser toys. Controversial, but true – and nothing any Apple employee has managed to show me or illustrate with an iPad has convinced me otherwise; in fact when pushed they admit it’s an Apple bank balance serving toy. And the cost of Apple product vs. utility and value for money, ha ha ha.

    As to the Kindle Fire and the Nook – well if you want to jailbreak them, then ok, but Amazon are locking the new Kindle versions down a lot harder. These are simply front ends to the respective company’s stores.

    The Nexus 7, which should have been an iPad killer at the right price and performance has really tripped up with failure to deliver on outputs – despite not having any immediate “lets tie you in to our product range” axe to grind. Sigh!

    I have no desire to watch a movie on a p***y little screen, but a great data server, combined with a fast loading mobile browsing facility, email and web comms services would be excellent. Sadly not to be!

    I’m still waiting for that quality Android tablet with…

    * Reasonable memory (32GB) or SIM expandable,
    * USB connectivity.
    * Browser supporting basic standard technologies (hello Apple) such as Flash
    Silverlight, or good HTML5 support – thus avoiding all the (often poor) apps that
    clog up your machine when you could use the excellent native web interface.
    * Some form of external monitor/TV output (micro HDMI, Miracast, WiDi (even).

    Oh well, maybe in quarter 1 of next year, or quarter 2, quarter 3….

  9. IROCU says:

    So Google are cherry picking which devices will have certain functions. So much for the openess of android. This really annoys me. My nexus 7 could have been perfect. Nob heads.

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