Samsung Galaxy S3 JB 4.1, Rogers next delay chapter

While the Android platform has an ever increasing army of fans and rightly so, the platform does get some criticism though with the rolling out of the various updates of the operating system, although it has to be said this is often down to the carriers. Today we have news of the Rogers Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update delay that may cause frustration amongst users.

Earlier this month it seemed owners of the handset on the Canadian carrier would finally be receiving the new software by the end of this month, but now according to Mobilesyup the carrier has delayed the release of the update until early December.

The carrier has given no reason for the late rolling out of the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update, and while Samsung themselves said the new firmware would be available by now, it’s always up to the individual carriers to push out the final builds of operating systems to their customers.

We could be talking about a delay of only a matter of days and Rogers may have found some issues that needed ironing out before releasing it to customers. There are still many owners of the Samsung Galaxy S3 that are waiting to be upgraded to the later firmware, but Samsung are quicker than some other Android manufacturers with upgrading handsets.

The HTC One X and One S released before the Galaxy S3 and they are still sitting on the Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, and many owners of the handset have been enjoying Android 4.1.1 for a while now. There will be many owners of the Galaxy S3 that use custom ROMs anyway so don’t have to wait for the various carriers to get their acts together and release updates.

Trouble is away from Rogers customers there are owners of the handset in the UK and US that are also waiting for the update to arrive, and Google has recently revealed the next version of Jelly Bean, but this has been causing some Nexus users numerous problems.

So a short delay of a couple of weeks won’t go down to badly if it is released without any bugs, but if this creeps into early next year it will be a different story. Are you frustrated by the Rogers delay with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and the Galaxy S3?


5 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S3 JB 4.1, Rogers next delay chapter”

  1. Roger says:

    I’m new to android and love it. But I just learned a valuable lesson. Never buy a carrier phone when there are Nexus phones available. 6-8 months to get a software update?!

  2. Steven S says:

    who cares what the carriers do.. I’m rooted and running a custom touchwiz jelly bean 4.1.1 room for over awhile now 🙂 even ran cm10 for a bit which is 4.2 but not a big fan of aosp (nexus) look

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