iPhone 5 gains rear screen with popSLATE case

So you own an iPhone 5 with its nice retina display, but what if you could have a secondary screen on the back of your iOS smartphone? With another rear screen you could make your iPhone 5 looks completely unique to other iPhones so you stand out from all the rest, and of course it would be a good conversation point with friends.

So if you would like a second screen on the rear of your iPhone 5, how does one go about it? Well by way of an iPhone 5 case of course, but not just any old case. By using the popSLATE case for the iPhone 5, which is an E-Ink screen incorporated into an iPhone 5 case.

As the screen is E-Ink it means it is always on, low power, readable in sunlight and completely customisable, meaning the case is a blank canvas that can be populated with any image on the rear of your iOS smartphone.

Using the popSLATE case along with the corresponding app, a user can change the rear design of their iPhone 5 with whatever they can come up with, a picture of a friend, a famous landmark, iPhone screenshots,or any photo you happen to have on your device, and can show them one at a time or create a slide show.

As the popSLATE case for the iPhone 5 is low power, it’s always on the possibilities are endless, with such things as calendars, maps, notes, sports scores, urgent notifications and more all available at a glance.

The iPhone 5 case uses the Lightning connector to power the E-Ink screen and transfer the data, as because it is E-Ink it shouldn’t drain your juice too much and will apparently only use power when you change the image.

Unfortunately though you can’t purchase the popSLATE iPhone 5 case yet, as it is a project currently running on Indiegogo, where the project is looking for a funding goal of a whopping $150,000 to get off the ground, and has thus far managed to garner $63,153 in pledges with 47 days to run.

We have embedded a video demo for your viewing consideration below of the popSLATE case for the iPhone 5 in action, so head on down and hit that play button to check out the footage, and if you feel the case is something you’d like to own you can of course make a pledge to the project to help it along.

What do our iPhone 5 toting readers think of this popSLATE case, would you love to have a second screen on the rear of your smartphone?


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