Galaxy Note 2 vs iPhone 5 Review: Blood & Glory 2 Legend

There are many smartphones that have the wow factor about them, and two that stand out the most are of course the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the iPhone 5. We here at Phones Review have both of these and have done a few comparisons and this time round we want to put the two together and compare graphics with the recently released Blood & Glory 2 Legend.

There are so many decent games on the App Store and Google Play that we could have played to compare graphics, but we love the Infinity Blade like game called Blood & Glory 2 Legend, this game has super fast gameplay and so much to offer and we would like to share this little Galaxy Note 2 vs iPhone 5 review comparing the graphics of Blood & Glory 2 Legend.

First of all let’s talk about the displays on each of these two smartphones, when it comes to the Galaxy Note 2 it offers a 5.5-inch display with 1280×720 pixels, the HD Super AMOLED display provides three sub-pixels per pixel, which means it gets rid of the PenTile matrix arrangement. The iPhone 5 has a 4-inch 640×1136 pixels display providing 326ppi pixel density, which is a little higher than the 265ppi on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Looking at the colours on both of these handsets we noticed that the Galaxy Note 2 has over saturated colours meaning that they are not true to what the original should be, but that does not really matter because the Note 2 has a feature setting whereby you can set different colour modes such as normal, dynamic etc. This means that the user can choose the level of colour they really want to see, we have to say that even by changing these colour settings on the Note 2 the iPhone 5 fairs better in direct sunlight.

We are not into all the nitty-gritty such as pixel density but this time round it is fair to say that the iPhone 5 that has 326 PPI compared to the 265 on the Note 2 is much better, and yes we cannot really see the individual pixels unless text is being read on both devices. Today we are talking about gaming only and what offers the best all round platform, and we have to choose the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 as the all round gaming platform.

Blood and Glory: Legend is one of those top arena-combat games that needs quick thumbs and the Note 2 is the perfect device for quick fingers because you get to see more display, when playing this game on the iPhone 5 the screen is hampered by your thumbs leaving you with less screen visibility.

This is a premier game with a good plot and very good graphics and when you slice and dice within the gladiatorial battles the animated comic story unfolds, it comes with a motion comic storyline with super combos, attacks and awesome strikes. We have played this free game on both the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the iPhone 5 for a week now and must say we are addicted, if you want to go up in the ranks faster and have your character all geared up to the nines then you will have to pay lots of money without investing lots of time. It is as simple as no money play for a while, lots of money and pay for things to get the job done quickly, come on where’s the fun in that?

You get to fight hard in Blood & Glory: Legend entering many tournaments in different locations, there is no need for us to bang on about the game itself we are here just to let you why we prefer this game on the iPhone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.


We had the brightness set on full on the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is set on standard in these pictures provided here, when the SG Note 2 was set on dynamic it was way to bright, the brighter colours such as red were too bright on the eye. The game is best set on standard if you have the Samsung. We played around with the Note 2 to get the perfect colours by going into screen mode and selecting different modes, you can also turn on and off the AAST setting as well to provide more colour accuracy, this does not make that much difference but it is worth playing around with.


Overall the iPhone 5 is a little better than the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with its adjusted settings, but we prefer the Note 2 rather than the iPhone 5 simply because when it comes to colours it really does not matter unless you are having pure fun playing Blood & Glory Legend. For us it is all about the overall gameplay, even though the iPhone 5 offers better display graphics and colours we would rather use the Note 2 because the iPhone 5 is way to bright on the high setting, and yes you can sit there and say well turn the brightness down a little on the iPhone 5 then, so does it really matter what phone you use then for gameplay?

The iPhone 5 is a stunning smartphone and we love it to pieces and we use it on a daily basis for business and personal, but since we have had the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 we can most definitely say it is better for gaming full stop, the device is bigger for more viewing pleasure, your thumbs do not get in the way of what you can see on the screen whilst swiping away and we actually prefer the less in your face colours than that of the iPhone 5.

Games like Blood & Glory Legend in our minds has been developed for the larger screen, it needs the whole touchscreen to enjoy the fights, the iPhone 5 in a nutshell is too small and does not offer the true gaming experience like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. We do welcome your comments, please do be honest and let us know what your views are.


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  1. renaldo friloux says:

    That iphone 5 sucks I say get the new ipod touch like I did and get an android as a phone you put the 4 4s and 5 together the s1 s2 s3 and note 2 and you will see which company is really giving you upgrades in tech and overall user experience its safe to say a 3gs owner is really only minutes away from a 4s or 5 in upgrade

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