GTA Vice City for Android released again bugs fixed

It seems that quite often Android users are kept waiting for various big title applications to become available or be updated on the platform, which was the case today when we told you about the Sky+ application getting some neat new features for iOS users. The same can be said about Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto: Vice City last week, which saw a successful launch for iOS users but the Android version, was quickly pulled from the Google Play Store. Now though we have some good news as GTA Vice City has been released again with the bugs seemingly fixed.

Following the early shambles of the release of the game for Android users Rockstar apologised about the delay in getting the game properly out to users, and blamed technical difficulties for the game being pulled soon after it was first put up for sale for Android users to enjoy. In the meantime users of the iOS platform have been enjoying the game and giving it positive reviews.

The game is now available again on the Google Play Store and is seemingly working as it should without any issues in the short time I have had to play the game, but unfortunately RockStar Games hasn’t offered Android gamers any discount as an apology for last week’s fiasco.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City will cost users the same £3.74/$4.99 that it did briefly last week before being pulled, but most Android users will just be pleased to finally have access to the classic game. The title was originally released last week to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the original game that made its debut on the Sony PlayStation 2 before reaching other platforms later on.

The game sees players working their way up through the underground crime world via a number of missions, and the game has seen its graphics improved for the new version with the controls tweaked to take advantage of touchscreen devices.

It is compatible with a number of Android devices from the likes of Samsung, HTC, and Motorola among many others and for the full list of devices check the Google Play Store listing. At the time of writing most users that have downloaded the game have given it the thumbs up without any problems being reported, but there are a couple of users that have been met with some problems.

Have you downloaded GTA Vice City yet?


6 thoughts on “GTA Vice City for Android released again bugs fixed”

  1. matthew.85 says:

    Gamma is off on my SGS3. The game is too dark in places especially interiors all the details vanish into black…..they need to tweak it or allow a gamma adjust

  2. horie says:

    i downloaded today the game. it all worked so fine till i arrive to the 3rd mission to kill the chief. the screen freezes and it stop working. i can t get over this major issue

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