iOS users enjoying GTA Vice City and Readers Reviews

Originally Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was expected to release on the 6th of December on both iOS and Android platforms. However on the 6th, the game actually only released for the iOS gamer, and the Android gamer was left out and waiting. Then the following day we reported that Rockstar Games issued an apology to Android gamers for failing to release GTA: Vice City when expected.

You might be aware that Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, an edition to commemorate the 10th anniversary edition of the popular game did actually show up on Google Play on the 6th December, and numerous gamers downloaded the game to find that they couldn’t actually play it, and this resulted in the game maker announcing that due to technical issues the release of GTA: Vice City on Android had been delayed.

Therefore Rockstar Games is hoping to deliver Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for Android by the end of next week. However currently as of today the 12th of December there is still no sign of GTA: Vice City on Google Play.

Many Android gamers are angry and annoyed at the failure to deliver the game to their platform, which you can’t really blame them for, as when it is announced a game will release simultaneously on both platforms that is what you expect, and no apology alleviates that disappointment.

Thus Android gamers continue to wait for GTA: Vice City to become available on their platform whilst a huge number of iOS gamers are happily enjoying playing the game, something which only adds to the frustration Android gamers are feeling, but hopefully Rockstar Games will come good on that end of next week target and get the game out onto Google Play.

As iPhone and iPad gamers have been able to get their action on with GTA: Vice City for a while now, we’d like those that are playing the game to send in their hands-on reviews of the game, along with what they think about it. So feel free to share your views and reviews of GTA: Vice City to our comments area below…thanks.


6 thoughts on “iOS users enjoying GTA Vice City and Readers Reviews”

  1. Harold Kensington says:

    i use an iphone, because well, it’s better, it’s just better and lets be honest, if you have an android, ya probably poor, like trash from the north of england and im better than u soooo yeh. my dad drives a mercedes, and my mum has prada handbags. you see were im going yeh? i own an iphone cuz im better than you, richa, so i can play gta vice city all i want yeh? i cant wait go into uni tomorrow (im at oxford brooks uni doin a media studies and sociology degree hehe) and show of gta to all the androidz derrrrrrrrp hehe.

    1. Harold kensington is a cretin says:

      Oxford Brooks doing media… enjoy the iphone, mercedes and prada handbags whilst they last, i’m not sure you will be able to afford these on a bin mans salary

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