iPhone Snooze stand never miss that snooze button again

Let’s face it virtually everyone loves to get a little extra time in bed, and if you are anything like me when your alarm clock goes off you are quickly reaching out to give that snooze button a whack so you can dose off for a few extra minutes before having to get up and face the day ahead. However on most alarm clocks the snooze button is quite small resulting in you fumbling around to hit and and more often than not by the time you find it you are awake and get up. But what if you had a bedside clock that had a massive snooze button that would be hard to miss hitting, wouldn’t it guarantee those extra minutes of kip?

Some time ago Distil Union had a Kickstarter project running to raise funding for a project called Snooze, and the accessory has now become a reality and is available to purchase. The Snooze is a minimalistic bedside alarm dock for the iPhone that sports one very large snooze button.

The Snooze provides a home for your iOS smartphone on your bedside stand so you don’t knock if onto the floor when trying to hit your iPhone’s volume button, whilst housing the handset in a brick style stand that has a large snooze bar as its top.

There are no intricate electronics or mechanics involved in the design of the Snooze, and basically when you slap your hand down on the big snooze button it simply depresses the volume rocker button on your iPhone, which in turn activates the snooze function, fairly simple really.

The Snooze for the iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5 without a case, features a non-slip silicone bottom so the device stays where it is placed, has a removable insert to accommodate the iPhone bumper case, has a built in cord catcher to keep the cable from falling behind the night stand, and has been crafted in solid FSC certified Maple.

One can’t really say the Snooze is a stylish beautiful looking device that will add to the fashionable design of your bedroom because of looking a bit like a brick, but the Snooze doesn’t really look too bad, and does serve the purpose of making sure you can hit that snooze button whilst keeping your iPhone safe.

So for those that would like to have the Snooze as part of their bedroom life, you can purchase the iPhone accessory by visiting the Distil Union website, where the Snooze commands a price tag of $39.99 a pop.

Will any of our iPhone toting readers be picking up the Snooze?

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