Nokia could be going large with Lumia

It seems that in the mobile space at the moment it is all about the size of the display on a smartphone, and most smartphone manufactures are bringing out bigger touch screen handset with 5-inches seeming to be the now preferred size. Of course Samsung went larger than 5-inches with the Samsung Galaxy Note but that device is a smartphone/tablet combo. And it now appears that old Nokia could possibly be looking at delivering a bigger Lumia handset at some point in the future.

An image has popped up on the net that was sent in to My Nokia Blog by Twitter user @coolRaffy, which shows a new Nokia Lumia prototype smartphone running Windows Phone 8 with a somewhat large display. However apparently the text on the side of the mystery device does state that it is the property of Nokia and not for sale.

This could lead one to believe that this image is possibly of an old Nokia Lumia handset, or maybe it could be an upcoming Nokia Lumia smartphone, but that is just speculation as there isn’t a great deal of detail available on this handset.

What is interesting about this handset is it does look to be running Windows Phone 8 because of the presence of Family Room in the live tiles; however the device also looks to sport a Windows Phone 7 home button as well as the old style Windows Phone logo.

Another image of the device shows the setting screen of the handset, which shows that the mystery device packs an up to date Snapdragon S4 processor and has the name of the device as the Juggernaut Semaphore and has a display resolution of 480 x 800

The device does appear to be a rather blocky style of handset with round corners, but other than that not much else can be gleaned from the images, so it is difficult to say whether this device is possibly on its way to the mobile space or not.

If it is then it would appear that Nokia is considering going large with Lumia. So what do our readers think about the Nokia device, do you think it is an older device never to see the light of day, or could is possibly be a new Lumia handset in the making?

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