Samsung Chiefs Passion for Apple Products

Apple and Samsung despite the two companies doing business with each other, namely internal components for some of Apple’s most successful products, have been at loggerheads for ages now in a variety of court rooms around the world over a number of patent disputes. Considering this it comes as a bit of a surprise when a Samsung chief publically reveals his passion for Apple products.

Samsung chief strategy officer Young Sohn was recently talking to MIT Technology Review in an interview answering a number of questions, but it’s his fondness for all things Apple that may raise a few eyebrows though. He explains that his house is full of Apple products that are also used on a daily basis, and he also went on to praise the iCloud service and the iTunes ecosystem.

Sohn revealed that he uses a Mac at home along with the iPhone and iPad, but did reveal he also has the Galaxy S3 as well, which unsurprisingly admits to preferring. At work though he revealed he only uses Samsung products and has managed to sync all of his information between the two systems.

He feels the biggest thing in Apple’s favour is the ecosystem it uses over the actual device itself, with information easily shared to family and friends no matter how far away they may be. The iCloud service was singled out for praise, with Samsung currently a more device centric company compared to Apple that is an entire ecosystem.

It seems that going forward Samsung wants a more open ecosystem with its partners, but states the company is only as good as its latest product and is always worrying about what it provides consumers. When Sohn was asked about the ongoing relationship with Apple he responded by saying that Apple are a customer and a competitor.

He did say that Samsung sees Apple as a “very innovative company” but Samsung would not be resting on their laurels despite their recent successes. Whatever company you favour they both produce some great products and it would be nice if they both concentrated on pushing out more of these instead of battling it out in various court rooms.

Some have suggested in the past that Apple has launched the various patent disputes as it is nervously looking over its shoulder at Samsung and the products it is now enjoying success with, but some accuse Samsung of blatantly copying its fierce rival.

Are you surprised that Young Sohn has publically admitted to using Apple products?


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