Nexus 4 Google Play stock exhausted again

It has been around a month now since Google treated the Android world to some new Nexus branded hardware that included the hugely popular Nexus 4 smartphone manufactured by LG. The popularity of the handset with its competitive pricing and high end specs has seen the device becoming hard to get hold of from certain channels, and especially Google Play. It now seems that stock via this method has been exhausted again with no word when it will be available.

As soon as Google first launched the Nexus 4 onto the Google Play Store both storage versions of the device quickly sold out, and when pre-orders then started again for the device consumers were left with rather long wait times for their handset to arrive.

Now at the time of writing both the 8GB and 16GB versions of the Nexus 4 have sold out in the US and UK Google Play Stores. The 8GB model was the first to sell out recently but has now been joined by the 16GB model and just before this the shipping time for the device was showing up to a nine week wait time.

LG has spoken about the stock shortages of the Nexus 4 recently and basically said it was down to the huge demand, but those desperate to get hold of the device can decide to purchase it from a number of carriers or third party retailers.

Trouble is though this is a much more expensive option as for instance the US Amazon online store has the 8GB nexus 4 listed at a massive $559.99, which compares to $299 via Google Play when there is stock. OK Google will charge you for delivery of your handset but that’s a big difference in price for the same product.

For those of you that were lucky enough to recently get an order accepted by Google for the Nexus 4 it could be almost February before you even see your device. For UK consumers the handset is now available via carrier Three, which first revealed some pricing for the handset last month, but at the time of writing the only option available is getting the device on the One Plan over two years at £35 per month, and a £29 up front cost for the 16GB model.

If stock issues are not quickly resolved many potential buyers of the Nexus 4 may look elsewhere, as next month we have the CES event in Las Vegas that is followed in February by the Mobile World Congress, and we are likely to see a whole host of desirable new hardware being announced.

Have you managed to get hold of the Nexus 4 via Google Play?


22 thoughts on “Nexus 4 Google Play stock exhausted again”

  1. What Google have done here is smart, if a little cynical. I doubt they ever thought they could meet initial demand for a phone this good at that price. So…. launch it end Nov, sell a few to a few lucky individuals, get some good reviews then go out of stock. In the run up to Christmas customers now have a choice – buy a competitor or wait for Nexus stock. There are be a big chunk of people who hold out for the Nexus.

      1. It’s only smart if their choice was between ‘launch in Nov with limited stock’ and ‘launch in Jan with full stock’. If they wait ’til Jan to meet demand a good proportion of their potential customers will have bought something else in the run up to Xmas.

        Obviously if they could have had full stock in Nov that would have been ideal.

    1. potential nexus buyer is a bit picky, young and tech-savvy. they don’t wait. new devices are coming out every week major releases are every four months. besides something is telling me there will be usual financial hangover for most of us after winter holidays. google completely missed the opportunity and killer sales.

  2. Joe Schmoe says:

    Big companies just beggard belief. They spend time and money creating, building, advertising (not much in this case) and when the consumer goes “Ok, you got me, I want this, here is my money”, they go “Oh, sorry, we can’t take your money becuase we don’t have any for you”! I’ve always thought of Google as an intelligent company, but did they think a phone with these specs at these prices wouldn’t be a success?

  3. BD says:

    I ordered mine on the day Google re-stocked the Nexus 4 (can’t remember the date, but it was wednesday), through Google Play. Initially, I was quoted a waiting time of 4-5 weeks before it is shipped. However, to my surpise I was contacted by email the very next day saying mine had already been shipped. I received the handset the very next day! (Friday).
    All I can say to those who are still waiting for there phone – its definitely worth the wait… I’d have this over the Samsung S3 and the iphone 5 if they were all the same price. Utterly marvellous. And this is coming from a person who has been an Apple fan since the first i-Phone (not anymore though – no innovation in their products and surpissingly shoddy build quality now).

    1. SineTwo says:

      I share the exact same feeling. I had a 4 and a 4s (company phone) and there’s virtually no difference between the 4 -> 4S -> 5 apart from a bit of the old fashioned ‘smaller better faster’ stuff 🙂

    2. Michael Duncan says:

      I was just waiting for my mother to get her money threw then I was going to order it…her money is coming threw anytime her money still isn’t here but sadly the PlayStore isn’t even letting me ordering it anymore!. urgh I wish her money came threw! I was going to order it for my Bday on January 15th, I knew even if I orderd it now I wouldnt have got it for my bday but I would have been happy that I orderd it…but now I cant even order it now even when her money comes threw! Im soo sad,:(

      1. Quadratic Tricycle says:

        You should try getting your own money and stop taking others. Get a job, bum. unless your 10, in which case…you don’t need this much machine.

    1. Shaun says:

      i suppose you ordered in the states so you bought it late and probably received a shipping estimate of 4-5 or 6-7 weeks. in that case you are going to be waiting a long time.

  4. Ivica says:

    Live in Croatia and wating for my friend to buy it for me in USA. Just sold my Galaxy S2 and I’m stuck on old Nokia right now. Come on LG and Google majke some phones for us!!! Film a bit like iSheep

  5. sk says:

    i was excited to see the nexus 4 out and would have definitely purchased it but as it kept going out of stock i started looking elsewhere and now I’m going to buy the s3 so i would say if it was planned by google then it wasn’t very smart

    1. my story too. was looking at it yesterday yes love it to bits over my partner’s samsung note 2 LTE but as am with £20 basic phone in my hand and £400 at disposal and people shopping around me (xmas mood) I am off on Monday to get S3. The answer is- the whole queueing and “waiting” is really not appealing especially when you have cash ready. besides in February/ March there will be whole new list of new mobile marvels. wait isn’t worth it.

  6. Dan says:

    Wait,wait,wait you will not be sorry. 4 is the fastest, smoothest most complete phone I ever had. The Google talk works to almost perfection and he is one smart cookie. Took me 3 weeks to get mine from Google Play, patience really paid off for me.

  7. Sean Doherty says:

    I ordered mine on December the 4th, only a couple of days ago it’s status went from pending to “pre-ordered” does anyone know how long it might take ? I’m thinking January, even though some people who ordered it at the same time have already received it

  8. When I ordered the phone on 4th of December I was quoted 4-6 week delivery, only a couple of days ago has the status gone from ‘pending’ to ‘pre-ordered’ and yet some people who ordered at the same time as me have already received it, does anyone might know when I may receive it? I reckon early January

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