Microsoft Portico Windows Phone 8 update arriving this month

A while back is was revealed that the first update to the Windows Phone 8 operating system had received a name change, moving from its old moniker of Apollo+ to being known as Portico in order to keep the Microsoft tradition of having their updates end in the letter ‘o’. The word was also that this Portico update would be announced during Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona.

However, as we already know the HTC 8X has already received an update, but the word is Microsoft was simply testing out their over the air update system, although the update to the HTC 8X does bring a fix for the random boot problems users have been experiencing, but what about the Nokia Lumia 920, when will that device also see the update?

Well according to a report over on Ubergizmo, Nokia Care US has used their official Twitter account to announce that the Nokia Lumia 920 should receive a software update sometime this month, so one could presume that the Lumia 920 will also see that Portico update to fix that random boot issue, call rejection problems and the like.

Thus it would appear that the original report that Microsoft would announce the Portico update at MWC 2013 was wrong and that the Windows Phone 8 update will actually be rolled out this month, and as there are only a couple of weeks left in December, it shouldn’t be too long before Nokia Lumia 920 owners will see the update arrive.

However, it is somewhat unclear at this time whether the Portico update with all its stability fixes will be a universal roll out across Windows Phone 8 or whether it is just for fixing the problems with Nokia Lumia handsets.

Of course the tweet doesn’t deliver an actual date for when the update will hit devices, but does at least confirm that the Microsoft update will arrive this month, although the tweet does add that they will announce on Twitter when it is available.

So there you have it, if you are a Nokia Lumia 920 owner that has been experiencing problems with your smartphone, you can at least look forward to having those problems sorted out with the Portico update at some point over the next couple of weeks. Hopefully that update will hit your smartphone in time for Christmas so your device can run much better than before.


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  1. PrideLand says:

    My understanding is the the Portico update is just a critical fix for the WiFi and reboot issues and that the Apollo+ is the planned update to the OS with new features. But, I am just going by various web sites reporting this info.

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