BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha handsets hit eBay

Research In Motion is gearing up this month to unveil their new BlackBerry 10 operating system along with a couple of new BlackBerry 10 smartphones during a special event at the end of January. But obviously RIM put out several BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha devices for developers before the upcoming event, and as with some pre-release devices more often than not they pop up on auction sites such as eBay.

Well it appears that a couple of BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha devices have now made their way to eBay according to a report by BlackBerryOS, although they do carry a hefty price tag if you fancy owning one of these.

However if you are after a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha it appears you are too late because not one but two of the smartphones hit eBay the other day and both have now been sold, one went for $900 whilst the other managed to garner just under $1000.

Now obviously there are some people that would love to get their hands on one of Research In Motion’s latest handsets, but to be honest $1000 does seem somewhat of a steep price to have to shell out for a device that is labelled Not for Sale don’t you think?

And of course if you do happen to come across another BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha handset up for grabs on eBay one must remember that if you do purchase the device for an extortionate price, you will of course not be able to make use of any warranty if the device should go wrong at any point.

There is something else to consider before purchasing a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device on eBay, and that is these handsets might have an end of life built into the operating system, so unless you are an avid BlackBerry device collector that doesn’t mind ending up with a device that could end up as a paperweight, steer clear.

Besides if you simply much have a BlackBerry 10 smartphone, there isn’t that long to wait to see just what Research In Motion has to offer when they unveil those devices at their event in a few weeks time on the 30th of the month.

Would any of our BlackBerry faithful readers be willing to hand over $1000 for a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device or do you think that is simply too much of a hefty price tag?


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