iExplorer HD Review – Manage Files from Wherever You Are

Managing and accessing files and documents from a remote location is a tedious job, as there will be times when you face issues in locating them. Here is an iPad app named iExplorer HD to help you overcome such problems. This app allows users to access their files from remote locations quickly and easily and is a handy tool for file management, below is a mini review about the application and how you can manage your files from wherever you are.

What’s the app about?
iExplorer HD is a simple iOS tool that helps you manage and view files on various remote servers (like Windows sharing server/FTP server/WebDAV server/SkyDrive/Live Mesh/Google Docs/CloudMe/ DropBox/ Box.net etc.,) from anywhere. Using this app, you can find and access documents effortlessly. The app belongs to the productivity category in the iTunes store.

How does the app work?
Some remote servers like Google Docs & Box.net require authentication to connect with the app while some are already configured. Once you are done with the account settings, you are allowed to view or browse files on any of these remote servers. The app also allows you to add files to your device via USB or WiFi. As you add files to your iPad, you can view them in the local folder of iExplorer HD. These files can then be easily copied to various other remote locations. iExplorer HD allows you to play audio & video and view documents.

The app has the ability to transfer files between cloud and remote storage servers. All you have to do is hold your finger on the item, to see the pop-up menu. With the help of this pop-up menu, you can create a new folder/text file, and rename, copy or delete files.

Special features of the app
With iExplorer HD you can view your pictures located on remote servers, as slide shows, without downloading them. The in-built code viewer of the app highlights the syntax of several programming languages like C, C++ and PHP. As the app supports a wide range of file types, any file can be easily downloaded onto your iPad. You can transfer these files through Bluetooth to another iOS device even in the zipped format. iExplorer HD also integrates a vast array of cloud services and facilitates file transfer across different servers. However, the app hangs at times and this was the only difficulty I faced while using it.

iExplorer HD is a versatile file management tool that will be of great use to both casual and business users. It costs $4.99 and requires iOS 4.3 or later versions.

Rating: 4/5