iPad Apps for Teachers and Administrators

The business of education requires dedication and seamless organization. Beyond the classroom, there is a world of meetings and training sessions that encompass the lives of everyone involved in this field. The hectic schedules of teachers and administrators alike will benefit from the following iPad apps. So below you will see a little list of the top iPad apps for teachers and administrators, please do let us know what one you prefer, and if we have not listed it please do let us now if there are better ones out there.

Do you have what seems like a million files, all different types and don’t know what to do with them on the iPad? DropBox will allow you to sync different files from various devices onto the iPad. Opening and reading the files are no problem, including PDF. The best part is that the app is free.

Google Mobile
This is another terrific free app that allows you quick access to any Google tool you might need. Whether it is Maps, Documents, Calendar, G-mail…if it’s Google, this app will get you there. You’ll find it as easy to use as Google on any desk or laptop.

Following Twitter on iPad has become all the rage. Utilizing the 140-character limit per message comes in handy when making critical points during a meeting. TweetDeck offers a customization setting allowing you to create a dashboard that is easy to read and add tweets as you move the meeting forward. It maximizes use of an already popular social networking tool.

Dragon Dictation
This nifty little app is powered by the same type of software of Dragon Naturally Speaking. The best thing is it’s not as difficult to set up and get running and seems to be a little more accurate on voice recognition. That’s completely amazing. They’ve done away with the two biggest complaints and offer it at a price that can’t be beat. This app is completely free and will save time when you have to dictate on the go.

Print Bureau
This app seems a little pricey at the outset, but the value of it shines through immediately. At $14.99, it isn’t the cheapest app in the world, but it gives you all the power of printing you could ever dream of. Wi-Fi printing options are great, but what if you only have a 3G signal? This app has you taken care of. You have full function printing capabilities with either wifi or a 3G connection. You can share printers, files and as an extra bonus there is the ability to change any document into a PDF formatted file. How crazy is that?

Google Sites
This app has become very popular with teachers of both small and large classes. It allows a portal to exchange ideas between other classrooms and faculty from any location. Students love this app because it’s very user friendly and gives anyone the capability to create the site themselves. It offers a wide selection of templates as well. There is guaranteed to be one that fits your needs and taste. The real value of this app is that school administrators can monitor permissions to the site and make it safe for all who enter and file owners have full authority over file sharing. It appears that one-day a “snow day” will be insignificant. Students might simply attend class from whatever location they find themselves.

YouTube for Schools
This is another very popular school theme app made by Google. Kids love YouTube, so it doesn’t take much stretch of the imagination to consider how receptive they are to these videos. There are literally thousands of educationally rated videos to choose from. They are all high quality and offer tremendous value for any learning environment. Many teachers use the videos to add to current lesson plans, or even as an offer of extra credit curriculum.

Author Bio: Jason Phillips has bang out this article. He works for a software developing company and part time as a guest blogger. He is working on education administration software now days.