iPhone 5S new colours & bigger screen is laughable

Over the years the iPhone has changed a bit in looks but hasn’t really departed from what Apple envisioned their iOS smartphone to look like, and certainly the company has never delivered an iPhone of a different colour and only sticking to black and white models leaving the user to colourise their iOS smartphone by way of a case. However, if you believe in what analysts have to say it appears that the next iPhone currently being called the iPhone 5S might just come in differing colours breaking with Apple’s black and white tradition.

According to a report by the Boy Genius Report, Brian White, and analyst for Topeka Capital Markets claims that the iPhone 5S will launch sometime in June with two different display sizes and in multiple colour options.

White apparently believes that ‘tax related selling’ is the reason for the downward bias in the stock price and says he expects a negative news cycle around Apple to end entering this year and also stated that there is plenty to look forward to with Apple including greater choices around the next iPhone in 2013 (ie: colours and sizes) along with a momentum acceleration with the iPad mini.

White also states that the next iPhone is likely to be called the iPhone 5S and that they believe the smartphone will launch in May/June, with supply production kicking off in March/April and an expansion in both screen sizes and colour patterns.

According to White’s checks although Apple offers a 3.5-inch screen iPhone4/4S and a 4-inch screen iPhone 5 they believe this is about to change and that Apple delivering the next iPhone with differing screen sizes would enable Apple to better address emerging markets with a lower cost iOS smartphone.

Of course as with all Apple reports, nothing has been confirmed in any way shape or form and this is purely the speculation of an analyst, and as such should be treated as just that. Of course if you do believe what analysts have to say then you will probably believe that the iPhone 5S will indeed become available in multiple colours and differing screen sizes.

Personally I prefer to wait to hear it from the horses mouth before taking anything for granted when it comes to the iPhone, but as the old saying goes, never say never even though this latest rumour does seem to go against Apple’s long tradition when it comes to their popular iOS handset.

Anyway, if true, what do our readers think about this, would you like to see Apple deliver the iPhone 5S in differing colours and with differing screen sizes or do you think Apple will probably stick with their usual design?

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