Samsung Galaxy S3 Sudden Death issue needs quick fix

Since its release during the summer of last year the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been enjoying a good time with regards to reviews and sales of the handset. The biggest news away from the sales figures for the smartphone has been the various versions of the operating system running on the different carrier models of the handset. Towards the end of last year though a more worrying problem emerged with owners reporting a sudden death issue with the Samsung Galaxy S3, which needs a quick fix even though only select models are being affected.

We first reported on the problem affecting some owners of the Samsung Galaxy S3 just before Christmas, with a growing thread on the XDA Developers forum that originally started in November. Since our report we have had some of our readers also reporting the problem hitting their version of the handset, and Samsung replacing the motherboard installed inside the device.

Now it is being reported on Tweakers.net (via Google Translate) that Samsung will soon release a firmware update that will address the ‘Sudden Death’ issue that has been affecting some owners. A company spokesperson also said that it was only the 16GB Samsung Galaxy S3 that has been experiencing the issue, but didn’t go into specifics what was actually causing the problem.

It is still unclear when this firmware update will be released for the handset, but you would have thought it would need to be soon to prevent more handset’s being bricked. It does seem strange though when you consider that the company has been replacing the motherboard on affected handsets.

The problem may be that something in the Samsung software is frying the circuit board inside the device, and the issue is seemingly only affecting handsets that are around five to six months old. Owners of the 16GB version of the handset that includes myself will in the meantime have to wait and hope the fix is released before it affects the handset.

Owners of the handset that have been hit by the sudden death issue range from those that are running the stock operating system to others that have rooted the device, and owners have reported that one minute the device is working normally before suddenly dying.

Many owners have recently updated the Galaxy S3 to the Android 4.1.2 OS while there are still others stuck on Ice Cream Sandwich, but there are no indications that the Android operating system is responsible for the recent problems.

Have you suffered from the sudden death issue on your Samsung Galaxy S3 and was it a 16GB version?


21 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S3 Sudden Death issue needs quick fix”

  1. Barry Larry says:

    I am very scared of this happening to my 16GB SGS3 stuck on 4.0.4, I rely on my phone, even from Little Things ngs like my bus ticket app on which I have an annual saver. :S

  2. LaughingJohn says:

    Mine died on news year eve, so no happy new years this year. It’s now awaiting repair and it is about six months old. Of course the worry is that fails again in 6 months outside of the warranty.

    Presumably if software has been “frying” the hardware then some people might already have partly damaged hardware, or hardware with a shortened lifespan without even knowing it, even if they get the fix. I noticed mine getting laggy for a couple of days before it died.

    It would be nice if Samsung would man-up and tell us exactly what the issue is!

  3. bongoian says:

    This happend to me 16gb version, died on my hands I watched it happen at my desk at work. 2 months ago, three/samsung have seen a spot of residue no bigger than a pin head near the headphone jack and written it off due to water damage. I have no insurance, result a 400 pound new s3.


    I’d love to know of there was an actual test to diagnose this exact problem….

  4. lee spooner says:

    Yes I had it a week before xmas. I woke up one day and my S3 was just dead, nothing to do with battery, O2 sent it off and replaced the main circuit board. I’d had it for about 6 months.
    was 16GB

  5. Mine asked me to update firmware yesterday and has been updating for 8hrs straight now. Is this logical or should I be worried? It asked to have the wifi activated and to be plugged in to power supply and has been off with the lower buttons alight. Can anybody offer some help, has mine died as well, or should I just wait a few hours more?

  6. belaid says:

    Belaid 19/01/2013
    mine die in my birthday very good present , my problem is the same as this:My S3 died after 3 months. I noticed it feeling quite hot, and when I looked at it, had rebooted itself and was on the Samsung logo screen. Could not restart it. Always stopped at the logo screen. . Location at sea
    I bought mine from Singapore on the 25/10/2012.

  7. Marcelo says:

    My just died today after removed the sim card to use my other phone while my sgs3 charges. Put battery in the phone conected charger but it never turned back on. Tryed remove battery again, changed charger, changed battery fron another sgs3 and nothing, dead completly, to make matters wirse im on pre paid and dont have unsurance. Can get i replacement phone from samsung?

  8. Richie says:

    My Samsung Galaxy S3 died after charging it overnight three weeks ago, after having it for around 6 months. I woke up one morning to start after charging it overnight as usual, but it wouldn’t start. I sent it to Three for repairs. I was initially told it was due to “corrosion” at the point of charge and was quoted £30 for repairs which I accepted. My phone was sent back to me after 10 days with a letter saying that they have found “liquid on the electronics board” and so the SG S3 cant be repaired. Initially, they said the fault was corrosion at the point of charge and but when they realized they cant repaire it, I believe the Service Centre manufactured another cause of death of the phone to “liquid on the electronics board”, cause liquid damage is not covered under the manufacturers warranty.

    I sent it back again for repairs and waiting for what they will say now.

    What I do not understand is, how could the repair centre quote a price of repair based on a so-called fault they had identified with my phone that led to its sudden death – corrosion at point of charge – and then after about six days, turn around to say the phone can’t be repair due to “liquid on the electronics board”? I hope someone can help me to understand what is going on!!

    1. Edque says:

      I had the exact same response from Three Richie, exactly word for word. My phone had been nowhere near water but the guy said it was must have been condensation. Also quoted £30 to repair but theysent it back still broken. Sent my phone to Samsung direct and they replaced it no questions asked.

  9. tribalexplorer says:

    it has just happened to me i left it on charge and now it wont switch on. it was working fine. Orange said i shouldnt have left it on charge over night. what a load of rubbish. really disappointed

  10. russ says:

    happened to me 3 weeks ago Samsung will not rapier because of a scratch on the screen they say i have to pay £140 for new screen to put the phone back into warrant before the will sort out processor , car phone crap house said it was water ingress but Samsung confirmed this was just rubbish there are 4 water ingress stickers in the phone non of witch had been activated !!!! gutted

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