Samsung Galaxy S4 at CES 2013 but only for select execs

As you probably know by now it isn’t expected that old Sammy will debut the Samsung Galaxy S4 during CES 2013 in a few days time. However apparently that doesn’t mean the Korean manufacturer will not have the next generation Galaxy S smartphone at the event, because the word is Samsung will be touting the SGS4 at CES 2013.

However, according to an article over on South Korean website MK, early versions of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 will be on show albeit the devices will be kept under tight security and only shown off to select top execs.

The word is Jay Lee, Samsung Electronics vice chairman will be at CES 2013, and he is the person that will show off the Samsung Galaxy S4 to high profile partners and carriers, but the article does go on to state that the handset will sport a 5-inch 1080p touch screen and pack a Samsung Exynos 5440 quad core processor, however the report also suggest that the SGS4 model might not be the final design of the smartphone but could be a prototype.

If the device old Sammy is to show off at the event is a prototype then it is possible that the Samsung Galaxy S4 press shot that we posted earlier could be an image of that prototype device.

Other Samsung Galaxy S4 news that is now doing the round is that although the rumour was that the Galaxy S4 would see release sometime in April, according to a report on the official Samsung Lebanon Facebook page, the Android smartphone will not see release before May this year, as a Sammy rep answered a question from a fan regarding the Galaxy S4.

However, as info provided via Samsung’s Facebook pages isn’t always reliable, one does have to take this latest Galaxy S4 release date with a pinch of salt and take it as just rumour for now.

Besides the Samsung Lebanon rep followed up later by saying as all Galaxy S series are released between late April and early May, there is no way for anyone to know an exact release day. Which means of course that the Samsung Galaxy S4 could still possibly arrive late April…right?

Will any of our readers that are hoping to pick up the Samsung Galaxy S4 once it arrive be a tad disappointed if it happens in May rather than April?

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