Review: Mini Buddy Owl & Penguin Speaker makes the right sound


There are some phones that come onto the market that have pretty decent speaker/speakers, but there are some that just aren’t good enough. Now while some of you will be happy to carry around a set of Bluetooth speakers, the bulkiness of these can often be impractical in certain circumstances, this is where mini speakers come in.

Choosing which to review was always going to be a tough task, but thankfully this was made much easier because we were sent a couple in to be reviewed. KitSound have an extensive range, but we’re glad that they sent us the Mini Buddy Owl and Penguin Speakers, as they certainly bring some fun to the table.

The look of these speakers are what really set them off, and with a huge range you are certainly spoilt for choice. These cannot only be connected to smartphones, but also laptops and other devices with a headphone jack as well. You may wonder why you would wish to connect such a device to a laptop, but there are some models out there that have a terrible sound system, so needs a helping hand.

In the Box
Firstly there’s the speaker itself with its built-in headphone jack and a keyring, along with a USB cable to allow you to charge the rechargeable battery.

The Key Features
This may be a small device but it certainly packs a punch, but what stands out for us the most is just how fun they look. We have the Penguin that looks so cute and the Owl, which we have to say is perfect for young girls because of its pink color.

First Impressions & Design
When we first received these speakers we all thought that they would have a terrible sound, but we did admire how they appeal to kids, along with certain adults as well. The body is mainly made from a hard plastic, but the feet and other appendages are made from a soft materiel. The standout features for us had to be the portability of the Mini Buddy Speakers, and if you wish you can even have it hanging from your bunch of keys.

The Positives
When you have your music device set at a reasonable level the sound is pretty impressive considering its size. We also love the fun factor and how long they can last between charges. But the best part is the price, as they can be purchased from many online retailers for just under £10.

The Negatives
Having to plug the speaker into your smartphone or other such device could annoy some people, and turning the volume up loud will start to make the speaker resonate and also distort.

Phones Review Overall Summary
Overall we would be more than happy to purchase one of these Mini Buddy Speakers because of their value for money. There’s also the fact that the sound from these small devices will impress along with some of the fun and funky designs that are on offer. We’ve counted 18 different varieties on the KitSound website, but you are unable to purchase from their website, but Amazon UK do have most of the range. There’s not much more we can really say about these speakers, so maybe you should spend £10 and see for yourself, as it’s not exactly going to break the bank.

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