Funny iPhone 5 Panorama pictures hands-on

There are so many ways to take weird and wonderful photos in this world, and we decided to play around with the Apple iPhone 5 and its fun but yet professional panorama camera feature. Below you will see a number of Funny iPhone 5 Panorama pictures we have taken using this feature in both portrait and landscape, please take a look and see what you think.

We are not into the ordinary panorama pictures using the iPhone 5 because this is standard procedure and boring, we wanted to produce some weird wacky ones and to create these was a little bit of trial and error. What we found out was that instead of the normal bog standard panorama photos where you hold the iPhone 5 in portrait mode and then go from left to right, you can also hold the smartphone in landscape mode and go bottom to top to take portrait pictures.

Even after doing the above we found that to be somewhat uninspiring, so we decided to try a few things out to get better photos. As an alternative of going from left to right and even the bottom to top slowly, we went a little faster than normal and that is when the funny pictures came into play. We also held the iPhone 5 and walked around people in a 360-degree motion and this produced even better pictures.

pic 1

One picture we thought was fantastic was the one where we walked around a female family member, you can see clearly the way the picture as been distorted and produced multiple photos in just one shot. The funniest has to be of the Phones Review team member wearing the Nike t-shirt, this was produced by holding the iPhone 5 in the portrait position and going from bottom to top in a quick manor, this result looks a little similar to those funny mirrors you see and a fairground attraction.

Here is the right way of doing things

Please do take a look at the photos within this article and let us know what one is your favourite, we have numbered them so you can add the number in the comments area below. So please add the number and why you have chosen that picture as you favourite, whilst on the subject why not send in your funny iPhone 5 panorama photos to mark@phonesreview.co.uk and we will publish our favourite.



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