CommBadge Science fiction speaker for Android & iPhone

For years now mobile phone users have been using the various Bluetooth headsets or earpieces that are available to make and receive phone calls without using their hands. For those of you that don’t like to wear an earpiece we have a great looking product for you today called the CommBadge, which is a science fiction looking Bluetooth speaker for Android and iPhone.

This new device that can be seen below in the image and video is a wearable Bluetooth speakerphone that is suitable for both the Android and iPhone platforms, and uses the latest noise cancelling technology to reduce background noise as much as possible.

The CommBadge provides users with crystal clear hands free communication that can be personalized by using the free companion application. The device takes a leaf out of the Star Trek The Next Generation science fiction look, and features big sound from a product that only measures 39mm in diameter.

Smartphone users can finally say goodbye to the traditional Bluetooth headsets, and the great thing about the CommBadge is that it can also be used with Apple’s Siri and Google Now from a distance of up to thirty meters away.

It doesn’t stop there as those of us that have to wear an identification badge while at work it can easily be attached to the CommBadge, and one of the models features a badge reel for even easier access. After you have finished work you can simply detach your ID badge and use the device in the standalone mode.

In the video below the features of the CommBade are showcased as well as the fact there will be three different models on offer, and there is also the option of pre-ordering the device once it becomes available. The device is looking for backers to raise a total of $85,000 to get the product launched, and so far they have managed to raise $27,528 with another seventeen days to go.

Have a watch of the video below and use the link above to find out more information about the CommBadge Bluetooth wearable speaker. What do you think of this new product?

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