Chameleon Launcher for Android Tablets, frustrating for some

There are many smartphone owners especially ones using Android that like to customize as much as possible on their devices regarding the operating system. Today we have news of an application called Chameleon Launcher for Android tablets that basically allows users to create multiple home screens, but it seems the app is frustrating for some.

The application will run on tablet devices that are running Android 3.2 or later, but there is a good chance it will be coming to smartphones soon as well. Below we have embedded a video we found from the team behind the application, and it shows the app running on the LG Nexus 4 as well as the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

It also highlights some new features that are on their way to the tablet version of the Chameleon Launcher application, which includes the likes of folder support apps, support for apps on the home screen, and more.

Looking at the video it seems the app adapts well to the smaller screen of the Nexus 4, and there will be many excited with the news that a version is going to be released at some point for smartphones.

The Chameleon Launcher application for tablets is currently priced at £2.51/$3.99 via the Google Play Store, but the app has been getting mixed reviews from users that have already downloaded and used it.

While some users have said it’s pretty good others have been left disappointed and complained of its slowness and glitches, and have also commented on it taking ages to swipe between home screens. Some users have said they wished they hadn’t spent the money on it and will be uninstalling.

There are pages of reviews with many actually giving the app a lot of praise, and obviously the team behind the app are busy working making it better and will eventually iron out any issues or bugs it currently has.

Have you downloaded Chameleon Launcher and what do you think of it?

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