Microsoft Surface Phone should ditch the concept

Towards the end of last year Microsoft treated the world to its latest PC and mobile operating systems, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. With this the company also launched the Microsoft Surface tablet PC that also came with a cover that doubled as a physical QWERTY keyboard. Since then there have been a number of rumours that the company may eventually release a Surface Phone, but in the meantime we have a Microsoft Surface concept phone for you.

The device that can be seen in the video below this post features some pretty high end specifications, and the 3D render that can be seen in the video makes the device basically look like a miniature version of the Microsoft Surface tablet PC, but obviously one that can actually make calls etc.

This concept idea features a smartphone that packs a five inch Super AMOLED+ touchscreen display that provides a resolution of 1280 x 720, and the device is running an operating system that is a cross between the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 operating systems.

There is also a twelve megapixel rear facing camera that is coupled with a built in ultra bright flash, and as you can see in the video it features a rather cool looking kickstand feature. You will also see a detachable mini touch cover that will offer users a physical QWERTY keyboard once the handset is placed into the landscape standing mode.

Other specs included in the video include a full USB 3.0 port, and while there is nothing regarding such things as processor or RAM, you would like any such device to use either the upcoming Samsung Exynos 5 Octa or the Nvidia Tegra 4 with at least 2GB of RAM.

The casing for any such device would likely be made from the likes of magnesium to keep the Microsoft Surface theme going strong, and the video found on YouTube is courtesy of the guys over TechRadar. Have a look at the video and tell us in the comments section what you think of the concept idea, and whether we will ever see such a product released by Microsoft sometime in the future.


7 thoughts on “Microsoft Surface Phone should ditch the concept”

  1. Ludicrous! lol, jk…although I see a couple of things that just really wouldn’t work. For instance, the keyboard is an interesting idea, but seriously, NO ONE is gonna lay down the phone and use it like that. Second, I think the higher the camera spec, the more difficult it is to keep the area surrounding it clean…8MP is enough for the phone, like the tablet methinks. Lastly, a FULL size USB for a phone? I rest my case, fancy…but totally unrealistic (at least THIS year anyway). =[

  2. oleg says:

    First off… Full USB thank you finally someone had a brainwave let’s connect everything in the world to it. Second full keyboard – use this as a mini tablet with actual useful applications for adults rather than kiddy apps! Please bring it out the world needs a phone for an adult who actually has a job and friends to upkeep

  3. Nodnetni says:

    There would be very little added functionality of a mini touch cover. it would just be too small, maybe if it was a try fold and folded out to be full size keyboard then it would work, but you only use your thumbs or a finger when the keyboard is that small.

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