Samsung Galaxy S3 (Metro PCS) JB 4.2.1 LiquidSmooth ROM

Many Android users are still waiting to install Jelly Bean 4.2.1 onto their device, and one of these devices crying for the update is the Samsung Galaxy S3 on Metro PCS. There now is a new custom ROM called LiquidSmooth that now adds the latest Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean OS onto the device, this has just come after the CM10.1 custom ROM.

Users must have the Galaxy S3 R530M to go any further with the JB 4.2.1 LiquidSmooth ROM, try it on anything else and you will have problems. Those that own the Metro PCS Samsung Galaxy S3 can now go ahead and try this out, we here at Phones Review recommend you backup and you do this at your own risk.

The new custom ROM LiquidSmooth Beta 2 Jelly Bean 4.2.1 update contains many features that include photo sphere, gesture typing, multi-user support as well as miracast display.

Here are some of the LiquidSmooth Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean Beta 2 Features: Comprehensive speed enhancements, Transparent navbar and status bar, Customizable lockscreen buttons and sliders, Chronus clock widget, Navigation bar widgets, Customizable hardware and software keys, Notification power widget, Customizable navbar ring, Customizable quicksettings panel and so many more.

We do not like to list all the specs but we thought we would name a few above, there are a few things to remember before using the LiquidSmooth ROM; Google nor Samsung have released this custom firmware, if you do flash this ROM onto your Galaxy S3 R530M you must remember that it will increase your binary counter. One major thing to remember is not to skip any steps when installing because this may brick your device.

We have never used this so cannot recommend it, but if you do please let us know how you get on. For more information on the Samsung Galaxy S3 (Metro PCS) JB 4.2.1 LiquidSmooth ROM and how to get it please visit AndroidJinn.


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