No Nexus 5 release and no Nexus 4 supply issues

We are laughing, sorry it just cannot be helped if this is in fact true. We have emailed LG and obviously as usual we have had no reply so we decided to dig a little deeper and found something very interesting about the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 when it comes to supply and a new release.

We found it a little hard to swallow when we found out that LG want you all to understand, ok maybe we should have used the word “Believe” that there is no issues at all with supplying the Nexus 4 (Please remember we have had no word from LG). We visited Chosun and LG apparently said that all the rumours about them working on a new Nexus device are unfounded, many thought that LG were working on the Nexus 5. We have to admit that we thought they were working on a Nexus 5 and wrote and article covering this, to our dismay we deleted the article in embarrassment of reporting so, because we had no solid evidence, even our readers were slating us and we are sorry about that.

If Chosun is correct in saying LG are not having problems supplying the Nexus 4, can they explain why on the Google Play Store it still says “Sold Out”? LG apparently spoke to Chosun Ilbo and said that LG Nexus 4 production was going as planned, who is at fault here then in supplying the Nexus 4 over on Google Play, is it Google or LG?

Earlier on today we reported that you can buy the Nexus 4 on contract with Virgin Mobile, but we all know everywhere else is more expensive than Google’s Store, why is there an issue with stock, does anyone really know the real answer because we don’t?

If neither LG nor Google will give us the real reason why there is no Nexus 4 stock then why can’t we believe there will not be a nexus 5. Ok that seems a little silly saying there will be a Nexus 5 considering Google cannot supply the 4, there is a problem somewhere and we would like to know where the fault of supply lies. If demands for the Nexus 4 is so high and LG cannot supply Google, please tell us why Virgin Mobile UK has got some for sale on contract?

We will let you answer this for us; do you know why Google cannot supply the Nexus 4?


3 thoughts on “No Nexus 5 release and no Nexus 4 supply issues”

  1. Barry Freeman says:

    do you know why Google cannot supply the Nexus 4?

    Ummm, because the carriers want to make as much on contract sales as they can, so they asked (or more likely, made it a part of the contract) Google to stop selling it cheaper than they can supply it?

  2. kenny says:

    Regarding the lack of supply through Google Play Store I have a theory. First I think Google underestimated the demand for the Nexus 4. The phone sold out almost instantly twice witch in turn, turned the heads of all the major phone networks. To the large networks this is like getting a second iPhone were they can hook people in and get them on premium contracts knowing that if you really want the phone or you get sick waiting for it you will pay whatever it takes on contract to get your hands on one. But to do this Google would have to stop selling the phone through Google Play because everyone would just go and buy the sim free set from Google. So I think that Google have given the networks a set length of time and a free run at the Nexus 4 so that they can get some desperate customers signed up.

  3. John77777 says:

    Google has directly stated that nexus 4 shipments from LG have been lacking.

    The question is whether Google underestimated the demand, and has tried to increase their order, to which LG responded with a “screw you”. Or whether they’re having trouble supplying the basic previously agreed upon device numbers.

    Either way the production shortage stems from LG, either directly, or as a result of poor planning from Google.

    The current shortage may also be due to the LTE chip being usable. Google, wanting to minimize fines, may have held off until they could get 4.2.2 installed on these devices. Fixing a few bugs, and disabling the LTE functionality.

    That’s my theory…

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