foto.sosho turns iPhone into real point-and-shoot camera

The last few years have seen smartphone technology advancing all the time, and the cameras that are now built into our handsets are increasingly getting better. This year it seems the 13 megapixel sensor will become the norm, but the quality of the camera is not just down to the sensor. There are now a growing number of accessories becoming available that can be added to our devices, and today we have news of the foto.sosho that turns the Apple iPhone into a point and shoot camera.

Most of us will regularly use our smartphone cameras as we will normally always have the device in our pockets or bags, and back in November we told you of plans by pop star will.i.am had for some camera accessories for the iPhone with more details now available.

The artist has released a series of attachments to enhance the camera on the iPhone and the range has been called foto.sosho, and there are set to be three models available that have a variety of functionality.

First up the C.4 is promised to turn the iPhone 4/4S into a point and shoot camera that also has a built in flash, and features filters, image editing, and instant media uploading so you can instantly share your images with friends and family. It also has interchangeable lenses for extra flexibility.

The V.4 has the same features but also has a slide out QWERTY keyboard for help quickly adding captions to your images, and you are also supplied with three interchangeable lenses as well.

Meanwhile the V.5 that can be seen on this page can also be used with the iPhone 5 and is due for release later this year, and this brings to the device a 14 megapixel camera with a 5x optical zoom, and all three devices will work alongside a free dedicated photo.sosho application that is available via the App Store, and will allow users to edit or upload images to their i.am+ profile as well as other social networking sites.

The C.4 and V.4 are priced at £199, and £299 for users in the UK and other regions are listed as coming soon, and for more information click here.

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