Unconventional Android QM Launcher and new update

We like to keep our readers informed about a number of different mobile applications that are constantly being released for a variety of platforms. For all you Android fans out there we now have news of an unconventional Android QM Launcher application that has recently received a new update.

The QM Launcher is basically short for Quantum Matrix Launcher that allows users to place all of their apps into the matrix instead of using an app drawer, which will rotate based on your finger touches. It allows you to easily and quickly access other things as well that include photos, documents, music, and much more.

It will do away with all of the 2D scrolling and panning that is needed for other panel based launchers and home screens that are currently available. This then allows smartphone users to fully utilise their home screens.

The app also has a useful widget panel and toolbar that allows users to customize their handsets homescreens even more, and your favourite widgets can be adjusted in size and quickly added to wherever you like.

This latest update has fixed the app from crashing or not launching if English wasn’t set for the default language, and new users are now presented with messages to help them get started using the app. Before the update the trash bin and X were not visible when using the app in landscape mode, but this has now been fixed along with a fix for launching contacts from a SubMatrix.

Below we have embedded a video that demos the Android QM Launcher application, and it’s available via the Google Play Store priced at £3.07/$4.99. Have you used the QM Launcher app?


2 thoughts on “Unconventional Android QM Launcher and new update”

  1. MikeAyers says:

    Good write up! I’ve had this launcher for 3 weeks now on my Galaxy S3 and it really turns heads! It’s totally unique and it’s made getting to my apps much quicker. It’s new to the market but I’ve had zero bugs. The developers have been great about updates and taking suggestions. My single complaint is the color of the cube, or “matrix” as they call it. However, color customization and other new features are scheduled for the next update. If you’re an Android user it’s definitely worth checking out IMHO.

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