Galaxy Note 2 battery issues after N7100XXDLL7 update

Whenever software updates come out for different devices we try to keep readers informed and have recently been giving plenty of details for Android Jelly Bean updates as well as updates for bugs and fixes. However, occasionally we hear of particular updates that have brought problems and that appears to be the case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Note II) and the recent N7100XXDLL7 update that was released to patch a vulnerability issue. Unfortunately it seems that some Galaxy Note 2 owners have noticed a battery drain problem with the phone since they used this update.

We have told before of other updates that have caused battery problems on various devices and we’d like to know how widespread this latest issue is. Therefore we’re asking those who are also having problems with their Galaxy Note 2’s since the update to let us know by sending your comments at the end of this article. It’s rather ironic that the battery drain problem has arisen from an update that was pushed to fix a previous issue.

This previous issue was a resetcode bug and ‘Sudden Death’ Exynos vulnerability but the N7100XXDLL7 update seems to have affected the Galaxy Note 2 battery life, in some cases quite significantly. Sam Mobile tells of Galaxy Note 2 owners that have contacted them about this since downloading the N7100XXDLL7 update. Some have noticed a lesser amount of deterioration in battery life while others say the difference is “noticeable.”

Sam Mobile has also independently tested the firmware and found battery drain to be “much faster.” Apparently Samsung has not commented about these reported side effects from the update yet but Sam Mobile anticipates a further update based on Jelly Bean 4.1.2 before 4.2.1 or 4.2.2. At this stage we have no way of knowing if this issue has affected many Galaxy Note 2 handsets or just how bad the problem is and this is where you, the reader, can help us.

If you have a Galaxy Note 2 and used the N7100XXDLL7 update have you noticed any difference to the battery life of your device since? Is that difference significant or a minor issue? Of course your device may also have been unaffected? Let us know by sending your comments.


49 thoughts on “Galaxy Note 2 battery issues after N7100XXDLL7 update”

  1. Obie says:

    Tmobile Galaxy note 2 here. Battery is definitely taken a huge hit. Before I could go a whole work day, of heavy use, without charinging it until I went to bed and now I have to charge it midday and closer to dinner time. New update really hurt the battery.

    1. o2 Note 2 – Yes, I am hit with this battery not lasting even a day. Ironically, I had just bought a replacement enhanced battery from Mobile Fun. I initially saw an improvement then along came Android 4.3 over the air, Do we have to wait for an official upgrade from Samsung or do we get hold of a custom ROM flash file with the fix? Should I do the factory reset that I keep hearing about and if so is there a post cover. the some backup and restore? I want to minimise the disruption. Considering Samsung’s market share this really unacceptable.

  2. same on my note2 as well.. the battery went drain faster than previous version after updated…. it’s almost 30-50% battery drop faster… please update another version ASAP to fix this problem…

  3. Maverick says:

    My battery loss was significant. Where as before I could go one whole day without charging, now only a few hours. I took it back to bestbuy but they tried to convince me that it was an app that was sucking my battery life. I told them that’s b***s***!! What other options do we have?

  4. som says:

    i am from India and after the update of the recent version “N7100XXDLL7” battery drains a lot, can i get back to the old Jelly bean 4.1.1 or do you have any idea if Samsung is going to release any patch for this update.. pls help.

  5. Suhail says:

    I am also experiencing faster battery drainage after I update d my device recently. It is very annoying that samsung doesnt verify their updates before releasing them.

  6. Tim says:

    I updated my note 2 ota and my battery drains much faster. Am struggling to last three day with only moderate use. Id say it’s atleast 30% down. I was only charging every 2 days but update changes this badly

  7. I’ve been having battery life issues since the last update. I was curious if it’s possible they opened the LTE radios on the update and with towers not using LTE maybe it’s causing the radios to constantly look for a signal. No matter what the issue is, I’m kinda dissapointed in the new battery life and hope a fix is coming soon.

  8. Richard Yarrell says:

    Yes my Tmobile Galaxy Note 2 has WORSE battery life since this update for the Exynos problem. This has been a great device since day one of purchase I’m sure a fix will take place.

  9. aijaz says:

    using note 2 in australia, the battery drains faster and also am experiencing intermittent application crash (gmail, phone, etc). have to restart the device a couple of times to get things straight on simple applications like flipboard.

  10. Krishnan says:

    Yeah.. I did update my Note 2..The battery life is draining like the desert swamps! Any idea when would the next update be rolling out? It’s dissappointing that battery life depreciates that quickly.

  11. Erin OLeary says:

    I got the update yesterday morning and have noticed a HUGE difference in battery drainage.When I woke this am after having 100 % charge before bed at 12:30 and waking at 7 the battery was done to 78%, this was never the case previously. The long battery llife was one of my favorite parts of Note 2 🙁

  12. Cc says:

    Yes notice complete battery drain.. Went from one single charge to last 48 hrs to now only one day… Fix problem please.. The battery life was the top reason for why I chose to buy the note2.

  13. Hans Stavleu says:

    Update of my earlier reply. Battery drain is awful… from 5 percent per hour to 10 percent per hour. Wish I did not updated my Note II.
    After removing my sdcard, the battery usage is the same as before: about 5 percent per hour. So I will wait for the next Android-update and then i will install my sdcard again.

  14. Geoff Carlin says:

    I upgraded the other day and noticed a considerable drain. The phone used to last 2 or 3 days without needing charged – it didn’t even last a full day after the update. I have since downgraded again to 4.1.1 :-/

    1. Rampage says:

      Since downgrading, have you been ok with your phone’s performance. Think you could tell me how to downgrade back to 4.1.1 too??? Please.

      1. Geoff Carlin says:

        Battery is back to normal after downgrade. I posted a link to the article detailing how to do it but its waiting for approval right now – hopefully it will show up soon

  15. Rampage says:

    Used to get at least a day and a half to two days with the 4.1.1 but then i updated to 4.1.2 a few weeks ago and now before the end of the day i’m runnin back to my place to put it on a charger cause its on 40%-30%. Seriously considering going back to the 4.1.1. Does anyone know the approximated time they might release an update to fix the issue?

  16. Rampage says:

    Used to get at least a day and a half to two days with the 4.1.1 but then i updated to 4.1.2 a few weeks ago and now before the end of the day i’m runnin back to my place to put it on a charger cause its on 40%-30%. Seriously considering going back to the 4.1.1. Does anyone know the approximated time they might release an update to fix the issue?

  17. MÃ¥ns Almered says:

    This is no good. Something must be wrong with this OTA. Full battery, wifi, bluethooth and data/sync turned off. While sleeping battery level turned down to 48% ! Phone is 4 weeks old…

  18. Android says:

    N7100XXDLK7… This firmware also have battery drain issue very noticeable even straight after being fully charged about every 5 mins it losses 1% of battery life when leaving the phone on standby mode (screen off). before it lasted ages in this mode.

  19. ganoes says:

    Definitely a huge error on behalf of Samasung. After the OTA update to 4.1.2 the battrey life decreased by more than 50%. Comparison is made under the same usage pattern and is consistent over a period of 2 weeks.

  20. slowman says:

    I’ve noticed my battery draining faster since the update. Initially I thought maybe it was just starting to deteriorate after a few months of fairly steady use. So I was looking online at how much replacements cost when I started seeing posts about this from other Note 2 users. It’s as though you have some heavy app running in the background even when you’ve killed all apps and cleared your ram; the batt level just drops noticeably more quickly. I’ve also noticed that the scrolling in Chrome is a lot more jerky since the update, whereas other apps and browsers seem unaffected.

  21. Rae says:

    I only get around 50 mins hard use from full y charged since update kies. Absolutely appallingly. With no use phone discharges from 100% to 80% in an hour – tried and tested

  22. battusai says:

    definitely loss of battery life! mine is cut in half. From almost 2 days of usage (and bragging about it) to barely a day. This needs to be fixed ASAP! ‘multipd’ is causing a lot of awake time, can’t find a fix for it. .

  23. james says:

    All youse crackpots that say u get 2 to 3 days usage must b on glue
    Or don’t use ur phone much,saying that I have noticed a bigger drop
    In battery usage

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