Nokia Lumia 999 poses for photoshoot

We love concepts and nine times out of ten they are just that and never become reality, so we would love to start some sort of comments petition to get the Nokia Lumia 999 onto the production line. Maybe we should go knocking on Nokia’s door and say to them that here is a stunning concept idea that could become the real deal, there is nothing to technical or too high on the specs front that could not make this smartphone hit the mobile market.

Back on January 7th we already blessed our readers with the Nokia Lumia X and the Nokia Lumia 999, but there was only one photo available showing the 999 in all its glory. We can now reveal more pictures thanks to the Phone Designer Facebook page, take a look below this article and click on the photos to enlarge them.

The photo and details we mentioned last week was from designer Jonas Daehnert and main features on the Nokia Lumia 999 are to include a 4.3-inch display, a black and white interface just like you would see on the LG Prada 3.0. The Lumia 999 is one of those phones you have to keep looking at, the aluminium casing strikes the eye with glory as so does the beautiful buttons and profile.

Specifications the Nokia Lumia 999 could have without going over the top includes a 12MP Pureview camera on the rear, would like to see an 8MP on the front with HD recording, 2500 mAh battery, 1GB of RAM and for storage options we would say two version at 16GB and 32GB would be reasonable.

So please join us and start the comment petition, if you would like to see the Nokia Lumia 999 become a reality, please do comment below. Would you like to own the Lumia 999?


25 thoughts on “Nokia Lumia 999 poses for photoshoot”

        1. jimrebello says:

          I think probably because it’s a Windows Phone. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, just that the interest is clearly not there, given it’s market share.

          1. newyorkcitymale says:

            Its worldwide market share is growing, actually… more than any other OS–it’s doubled since this time last year. It’s still only got a sliver so far, true. But interest & momentum are growing… at just the right time… because surveys show that interest in the iPhone is declining, particularly among teens & young adults.

          2. jimrebello says:

            very true. But when you start from a base of almost nothing, it’s really easy to claim you are the fastest growing. I’m sure that it will get more popular as time goes on, but going from 1% to 2% market share, would make them the fastest growing, but realistically doesn’t meant much (I don’t know what the actual figures are).

            At this point, I’d say it could go either way with Windows and Windows Phone 8.

          3. PoohGQ says:

            I think techies spend more time on the fine print and fail to see the big picture! The regular guy who needs a smartphone will not consider market share much if they’re aware of the innovation in the phone. Nokia has proven that with the Lumia line of phones, so far.

          4. jimrebello says:

            I disagree. The regular guy buys what someone else recommends or what his/her friends have….

    1. Sabir Shaikh says:

      Its look beter than iPhone and Samsung Galaxy s2. Looks tough design and beautiful. I can pay 850$ price for this phone. GoodWork. I hope Nokia management can see your design. Please send them these photos.

  1. Darren says:

    Nokia Lumia the most under rated phone of the year bought the 800 and I think its so easy to use and the fact they use Window 7.5 basically in my mind prepares you for windows 8 if you haven bought it yet for your PC 🙂 brilliant job Nokia well done.

  2. Keith Rutherford says:

    Bought an original Lumia 900 with Windows phone 7. I cant wait until I can upgrade it to windows phone 8. Or not. Why would I buy another piece of hardware from them when they aren’t upgradable?

    1. newyorkcitymale says:

      Because Nokia makes a great phone & Windows Phone 8 is a great OS.
      I definitely understand your frustration about not getting the WP8 update, but you will be getting 7.8 which has a lot of the new features of WP8.

    2. PoohGQ says:

      I feel your frustration but beg to differ. I purchased a Nokia Lumia 710 in May 2012 because I really needed a new phone & couldn’t wait for WP8, however, I’m very satisfied with Nokia’ support, Lumia exclusive apps, and constant updates. I look forward to getting WP7.8 and spending another 6 months with it before I think of upgrading to next version. In the meantime, my enthusiasm is on the MS Surface (maybe a Surface phone in my future too!)

  3. The back looks great but the front does not look any better than my current 920. Also I would not buy a 4.3 inch screen phone, the minimum I accept is 4.5 (and I hope nokia manages to stretch the screen to 4.8 without increasing the size of the phone on their next lumia)

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