New iPhone 2013 and claims of fingerprint sensor

The new iPhone 5 for 2013 is a smartphone that many consumers are already thinking about even before a name has been confirmed. The iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 are both possible names although of course until Apple announces it, none of us will know for sure. For consistency though we’ll refer to it as the iPhone 5S throughout the rest of this article. We’ve already heard rumored specs and also discussed likely inclusions for the next iPhone and have now heard claims that the iPhone 5S will feature a fingerprint sensor.

It’s thought that a fingerprint sensor that would be placed beneath the home button could give Apple a real advantage over its rivals. Not only would it be cutting-edge but it would also be very difficult for other platforms such as Android and Windows Phone to replicate. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo states that he expects the innovative fingerprint sensor to appear on the iPhone 5S following Apple’s acquisition of AuthenTec last year. AuthenTec is known for fingerprint scanners but had developed new Smart Sensor technology and it seems that Apple acquired the company with a particular intention to incorporate this sensor technology as a major marketing feature of new devices.

We should point out that Kuo is an analyst with a proven track record for providing often-accurate information about future Apple devices and last year he forecast the complete line of fall products. While we cannot say that this fingerprint sensor will definitely feature on the iPhone 5 then, we can say that the claim seems very credible. A new fingerprint sensor below the home button would mean that users could more easily authenticate their identity on the iPhone 5S and do away with the need for usernames and passwords. As well as this the fingerprint technology could be assimilated with apps to improve their functionality.

Kuo also explained that the fingerprint sensor could be unique to Apple because devices using other platforms usually have several buttons under the display that often don’t have such a “mechanical push” as the home button on Apple devices, according to Apple Insider. Hence an attempt to use such a sensor on devices using other platforms would be less instinctual and could prove less effective.

In one more snippet of news some readers may remember that we recently told of a fall in iPhone 5 demand, possibly because of rumors of a cheaper iPhone on the way. It looks as though the less expensive iPhone speculation may well be correct as Kuo also said that besides an iPhone 5S, a lower cost iPhone will release this year and that it will have plastic casing to cut costs and a new design. We also discussed recently the possibility of Apple ever producing a new iPhone with plastic casing and thought this would never happen but it looks as though we may just have to eat our words if Kuo is proven correct.

We’re always interested to hear what our readers have to say. Would you be happy to see the fingerprint sensor feature incorporated in the iPhone 5S? Can you think of any further groundbreaking inclusions you’d like to see Apple bring to the next iPhone? Let us know with your comments.


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  1. Djbubz says:

    Finger print gr8 but still keep the nim lock and will this cause issues thats the thing. Other Colours = could be available on pre order as dont think they will sell all the colours they make texplains why its black first then a white after to make sure they sell.. Other things allowing sum of the restricted in ios. Bluetooth, downloading, hard drive via usb integrated into itunes may.

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