Top 8 Safety Tips to Safe Guard Your Mobile Phones

Today we will talk about a number of ways you can keep your mobile phone safe. We will be focusing on hardware as well as software safety of your mobile phone as they contain your very personal data, we all know that a lot of money is spent on smartphones, apps etc and it is always best to protect your investment. Why spend lots of money and then leave your handsets open to vulnerabilities, please do take a look at the top 8 simple ways you can protect and safe guard your mobile phone.

1. Using Pocket Mobile Holders
Pocket cellphone holders are a great way of keeping your cellphone safe and making sure that you never forget it anywhere. It is safer and more comfortable than keeping your mobile in the pocket as well. You should remember that it is very hard for anyone to open the holder and get your mobile without you noticing it. We know many of our teen aged readers will now be thinking that a cell phone holder is something for the older generation but believe me, you would feel a lot worse if you lost your $400 phone on the street!

2. Using GPS Tracking Software
There are tons of GPS tracking apps and computer software available on the market for all mobile OS. It is certainly helpful to know where your mobile is if you lose it. Not many people are pros at tech and most probably will not look for an installed GPS application if he or she steals your cellphone. So you can track the person and get your property back by installing a simple application.

3. Using Team Viewer
For those who do not know, team viewer is an application that will let you have remote control of your mobile via your PC. It usually works with an ID and password. If you choose an ID and password for your phone, you can connect to it using team viewer software on any other device. This is especially helpful if your mobile phone has fallen somewhere on the road or ground and you want to access its location by gaining access to the device first.

4. Using Custom Rubber Made Cases
Now let’s talk about some physical safety for your phone as well. We know most people must already have cases for mobiles, but there is one thing to think about! Are you sure your case is not doing damage to the phone? Many cases scratch the sides of the phone or leave a permanent mark that appears like a dark line. Make sure to buy rubber cases as they don’t do damage to the phone. Also make sure that the case is larger towards the front so that even if the mobile falls, its screen cannot touch the ground.

5. Using Backup Software
Android has this amazing feature by which if you log in using your Gmail account, it backs up all your data online. If you are not using Android or Gmail, make sure you at least make backups periodically so that you don’t have to go on a hunt for contact details of friends and family if you decide to buy a new mobile phone or you have just misplaced the one you had. It is also beneficial in terms of multimedia data as it saves all pictures, music and videos on your phone as well.

6. Using Pattern/Pin Locking
Always remember to have a locking pin or pattern for your mobile. Make sure that you do not use easily guessable pins like ‘0000’ or ‘1234’. Also do something that it is not your personal information like birth year or graduation year. We say this because many people who are close to you can then guess the password. Pattern locking is a relatively newer concept but many people are using it. Make sure that you do not make shapes like circle or a square, as they are very predictable. However, it should not be so strange a pattern that you will forget it that could lock yourself out.

7. Using Sim Restriction Settings
Many people also use Sim restriction settings. These settings help you take care of your phone by putting on a sim lock and by ensuring that whenever the sim card in the phone is replaced, you get the details of the new sim card that has been inserted. These details are generally sent to you via message on a pre-stored number in the privacy settings. This is a very useful option and must be used!

8. Insure Your Phone!
Although we have mentioned a lot of ways by which you can keep your phone safe, we all know that sometimes it happens despite all security measures. This is why the best option that can be used with any cellphone provider is to have insurance for your phone. It is needless to say but one must know that a $400+ phone must have an insurance cover so you can cover your losses even if something bad happens. Many cellphone companies provide insurance cover for an extra little cost. You can also contact many third party companies who will insure your phone. Make sure that before signing any insurance cover, you have properly read the terms and conditions and you understand what is covered by your insurance.

We have suggested a number of ways to keep your phone safe in terms of hardware as well as software. We assure you that if you follow even half of the mentioned suggestions, you will be able to keep your phone safe for a long time! Last but not least, we would love to hear some of your tips, which we would love to share with our readers.

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