Samsung Galaxy S3 wireless charging can be yours


The idea of wireless charging of devices is something that’s becoming increasingly appealing to smartphone users and today we have interesting news for those of you with the Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III). It seems a simple hack is now available that will offer wireless charging to the Galaxy S3 and we reckon this is something that many of you may want to try.

We’ve recently turned our attention to the Samsung Galaxy S4 (S IV) as some leaks recently suggested that wireless charging would be available for the next flagship device out of the box. That’s something that remains to be seen but for now at least your Samsung Galaxy S3 could benefit from this neat little hack available from XDA Developers that requires some basic supplies costing around $17 to $19 dollars, including a Palm Pixi wireless charging kit, and around 10 minutes of time.

There are full details and instructions and a list of complete requirements at XDA at the above link including a decision you need to make before you begin, some updates from other members and FAQs. If you want to be doubly sure before you begin Cnet has also come up with a really clear guide and step-by-step instructions for how to proceed through the hack, including what to do if your Galaxy S3 doesn’t wirelessly charge at the end of the procedure.

Although this all looks clear enough we have to say that at Phones Review we can never recommend tampering with your device and caution that if you proceed with this hack then it is entirely your own responsibility and at your own risk if anything goes wrong. However we do know that many readers are likely to want to try this one out so have passed on the details.

Are you planning to use this hack to obtain wireless charging for your Galaxy S3? Maybe you’ve already tried it out and could let us know if it all went smoothly for you and you now have wireless charging for your Galaxy S3? Let us know with your comments.

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