Motorola RAZR i Jelly Bean 4.1.2 UK rollout & problems


The Motorola RAZR i became available towards the end of last year and came running the Android Ice Cream Sandwich straight from the box on the Intel based processor. Now we have some possible good news for owners of the Motorola RAZR i in the UK as the Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 rollout has begun but with some problems reported.

Motorola has announced the availability of the Jelly Bean update for owners of the device in the UK, but it is coming in a staggered rollout which we often see with Android updates, but many users have been saying that they have seen no sign of the new firmware yet.

If you don’t receive a notification automatically on the handset owners of the device can always check for its availability manually. To do this first head into the main settings of the handset and select About phone and then check for software updates.

Motorola is pushing the Jelly Bean firmware out via an over the air update, so you would be better to try this while connected to a stable Wi-Fi connection. Once your Motorola RAZR i has been updated to Jelly Bean the handset will be treated to some great new features.

These include Google Now, Google Voice Search, improved notifications, and a smoother and quicker UI experience thanks to Project Butter among other things. For many users it will just have to be a case of sitting tight for the software to become available for their handset, but at least the process has begun. Source: Motorola.

Have you received Jelly Bean on your RAZR i yet and how did it go?


15 thoughts on “Motorola RAZR i Jelly Bean 4.1.2 UK rollout & problems”

  1. Notsosleepynow says:

    4.1.2 arrived. Got mine yesterday evening, T-mob, 1800, 6/2/2013. Download and install all smooth, over the air, 10 minutes ish with a reboot, new features pretty much as expected. At least one app (Samsung remote) now works, but didn’t on 4.0. However Sleep mode has disappeared from short menu when power button held, haven’t worked out if it’s gone completely or if I can access it another way.

  2. Snitch says:

    Had this update running for a couple of days now. It has improved the the running of the phone and corrected a lot of the niggles on the old one e.g. camera shutter sound can now be turned off. Drive integration is now as good as my tablet. There is one serious flaw in the JB update and that’s the battery life. I now get 12 hours use out of a charge instead of 24. This is a real problem for me and now I want the old ICS back. I’ll be getting in touch with Moto.

  3. Snitch says:

    Just got my battery life back! had to do a factory reset under advice from Motorola and the phone rocks. 16hrs all connections and 55% left. Its also quicker and so smooth, its like a new phone- its top end performance. Best Android I’ve ever had and virtually pure Jelly belly-lol. I hope you all get the update, it was worth the wait.

  4. Still haven’t got it on my sim free retail handset although my wife got her update on her orange locked phone the week of the announcement. Not sure what’s going on but my patience is wearing thin. If I don’t get the update by the end of the month this phone is gone.

  5. Henning says:

    I got it, and it’s crap. Google Now is nice, but the phone sometimes freezes, and even the home screen now crashes once in a while. Also new calendar entries in Exchange show up as tentative. I.e. the timeslot isn’t blocked until I have accepted my own appointment in Outlook.

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