Nexus 4 Lets Talk savings on T-Mobile with slight catch


Lets Talk is offering the LG Nexus 4 on the T-Mobile network for only $84.99, now we said that there is a slight catch and that is simply down to being a new T-Mobile customer. This Nexus 4 on T-Mobile is the lowest price we have ever seen, current customers looking into adding a new line or new customers can get in on this amazing deal.

If you are an existing T-Mobile customer (Individual Account) who wishes to upgrade you will have to pay $154.99, but if you are a new T-Mobile Individual Account customer it is only $84.99 and the same goes for current customers looking into adding a new line like we said above.

Thanks to Droid Life they have found a coupon code “TALK4TEN” that you can just pop in when you are at the checkout and this will knock $8.50 off the price leaving a final payment of $76.49 on contract.

Lets Talk also show that they will deliver the Nexus 4 overnight for free, personally we say go and buy the Nexus 4 by LG via the Google Play Store, if you want the phone on its own without contract via Lets Talk it will cost $549.99. Even though the deal above is cheap you still have to pay for the phone and then have a contract to contend with.

So will you buy elsewhere like Google Play or will you buy the Nexus 4 on contract? These phones go like hot cakes so now is the time to make your mind up. If you want the above deal then please visit Lets Talk.