Use Android devices to change PIXEL Interactive LED real Art


Modern smartphones offer so much more now than just making calls or sending text messages, and we are seeing more products that will communicate with handsets to provide other uses. Today we are showing you how Android devices can be used to change PIXEL Interactive LED real art.

The product we have for you today called PIXEL is basically an LED based picture frame that displays pixel art, and the image can be manipulated pixel by pixel. The image or even an animation can be set on the device via an Android smartphone using the free applications that are available.

PIXEL is a 32 x 32-inch LED panel with 1,024 RGB LEDs with a solid wood picture frame surround with wall mounts. Other features include a Bluetooth dongle, two way acrylic mirror, and a power supply. The device has been collaborated with a number of leading pixel artists from around the world with each one having a free Android app featuring their work.

Currently there are ten apps available via the Google Play Store or users can join the Google+ Community called PIXEL Content. When the unit is switched off it looks like a normal mirror, and placed behind the two way mirror is a hidden proximity sensor that allows for interactive art installations, which will change when someone approaches.

PIXEL can display still images and animations and we have embedded a number of videos below with the device in action, and it is another Kickstarter project that has already raised $36,828 that has smashed the $8,000 target. For more information click here and watch the videos below.

Do you like the look of the PIXEL?

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