Quarter of iPhone Owners Using Handset with Broken Screen


We know many iPhone users that are still using their smartphones even though they have broken screens; we look into a new survey why a quarter of iPhone owners are still using their handsets with a broken screen. New research from a mobile phone insurance website has revealed that as many as a quarter of iPhone owners could currently be using their handsets with a broken screen; with most saying they just ‘hadn’t got round’ to getting their phone fixed.

A cracked screen doesn’t seem to be a good enough reason for some phone owners to get their handsets fixed, as a new study by a leading mobile phone insurance website in the UK has revealed that as many as 1 in 4 iPhone owners are currently using their handset with a smashed, cracked or broken screen.

www.MobileInsurance.co.uk was prompted to carry out the poll after noticing an increase in the number of claims involving various iPhone models and broken screens. The site polled 2,471 iPhone owners from around the UK, aged 18 and over, and asked them questions about the condition their handset was currently in.

When asked to rate the condition of their iPhone, 1 being ‘very poor’ and 10 being ‘perfect’, the average answer given by respondents was ‘5 — average’. When asked if they had experienced any technical problems with their handset since owning it, more than half, 51%, said ‘yes’. The most common problem for these respondents was the ‘home screen freezing’.

All those taking part were asked the question, ‘Is your iPhone screen currently broken, smashed or cracked in any way?’ to which a quarter, 23%, said ‘yes’. When asked how long it had been broken for, the average answer stated by respondents was ‘6 months’. All those who had said that their screen had been broken for a month or longer were asked why they were yet to get it fixed, to which the most common answers were as follows:

1) Haven’t got round to it 32% – 2) Not insured 24% – 3) Can’t afford it 21% – 4) It’s broken, but bearable 19% – 5) Other 4%

When asked when they thought they’d get their screen fixed, almost a third, 31%, admitted they ‘probably wouldn’t bother’.

Jason Brockman, Director at MobileInsurance.co.uk< , said the following:

“Screen breakages on all models of the iPhone are commonplace, so the number of people admitting to using their handset with a cracked or smashed display wasn’t so much of a shock. However, it is a surprise to see that the average person with a broken screen on their iPhone has been putting up with it for 6 months.

“Phone insurance is always worth taking out, because just a few pounds per month can cover you for all matter of accidents and situations. Protecting your iPhone in the first place, both with a good insurance policy and a protective cover, is the best option to avoid paying out a huge chunk of money if you drop your phone face down on the pavement!”

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