AppSync iOS 6.1 problems still hindering: Update


UPDATE: We do not know much about the AppSync, it is something we do not normally report on, but thanks to one of our followers on Google+ we have learned that the weather issues have been fixed with an updated package that is available via Cydia. Could readers come forward and verify this for us please as this is not out area of expertise?

For those that have used the latest Evasi0n jailbreak we would like to report a little more about the AppSync iOS 6.1 problems. Many users out there thinking about installing AppSync on iOS 6.1 should sit back and read on before taking such steps.

According to a few friends via our social networks we have learned that downloading AppSync after the latest jailbreak is causing a few issues, such as the latest jailbreak playing havoc with weather app not to work in the right manor, have you got the stock weather app and cannot get it to work properly?

We all know it is highly illegal to use AppSync because there is a naughty feature that allows users to install pirated IPA files onto iDevices, but then again AppSync is very popular indeed, after looking into this more we found that Maypalo has a few interesting things to report. Apparently many users installed the latest jailbreak just so they could download AppSync or other similar via Cydia, but since doing so problems are still hindering.

Do you think that it is AppSync that is to blame for the problems with Weather? It could be the case that AppSync on iOS 6.1 is not the main cause of problems but it seems issues are still occurring, a new Cydia “UIKit Tools”package was released not so long ago that should fix the weather app, but some are saying the issue is still there. Maybe this is the time to uninstall AppSync!

Please do comment below, as we would love to know more form those experiencing these problems.


3 thoughts on “AppSync iOS 6.1 problems still hindering: Update”

  1. JV says:

    Appsync is not the problem at all, its the bugs within the early version of the jailbreak. Cydia updates dont fix the weather app issue, however reloading the new version 1.2 JB does. Im using appsync from the sinfuliphonerepo site and have no problems at all

    Just to add further to the above ive follwed all the known steps like removing appsync before loading the cydia updates and simply gave up after hours of time wasting. restoring and loading the JB AGAIN fixed my weather app issues.

  2. peterson90210 says:

    For a website appearing to come from UK, your article and your English is poorly written. Jailbreaking is completely LEGAL. Piracy is not. Stop spreading the wrong information.

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