BlackBerry Z10 upfront and contract 4G EE UK price list


The BlackBerry Z10 seems to be doing really well when it comes to sales, and many consumers are willing to try out the new smartphone featuring the BlackBerry 10 operating system. This is a full touchscreen handset that looks very nice indeed, and for those thinking about upgrading to the new phone in the UK may want to see the full BlackBerry Z10 upfront and contract 4G EE UK price list.

The BlackBerry Z10 as we know supports 4G on all networks but here in the UK to get the full benefit EE could be your next network provider, but this does come at a cost. EE offers 4G LTE but coverage is still limited to a few cities but it is building fast, EE promise by the end of 2014 they will have at least 98% of the country covered.

So if you are considering buying the BlackBerry Z10 on the EE network, please check out the prices shown below.

There are 7 EE options to choose from if you wish to get your hands on the BlackBerry Z10, here is the pricing details: you will have to take out a 24-month contract and starting at £31 per month you will have to pay an upfront cost of £199.99 for the handset.

Prices (Monthly Contract Price / Upfront Device Cost) – £36 with a £149.99 upfront cost, £41 a month and £49.99 for the phone, £46 / £29.99, if you pay £51 per month the phone is yours for £29.99, it is also £29.99 for the Z10 on the £56 and £61 per month contract plan. For more information please visit EE here.

Would you consider buying the BlackBerry Z10 on the 4G EE contract plan?

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