HTC Facebook Cover Photo reveals official event date


The HTC Facebook page has a new timeline cover photo that reveals 19//2//13 and this has to do with the HTC Alive event that we reported 5 days ago. This surely has to do with the new HTC M7 announcement or what may be called the HTC One smartphone, but I guess we will have to wait another 7 days until we all know more.

If you look at our previous HTC Alive article you will notice that we took a closer screenshot of the poster HTC published of a heart, when we did this we pointed out that the body part had what we believe to be a number 7 on it, which surely ties in with the new HTC M7 smartphone.

Back on the 9th of this month we also reported that the HTC M7 could simply be called the HTC One but until we hear the official news we will count this as just a rumour.

Sorry we cannot give you more information than the above, but for now that is all we have, please take a look at the HTC Facebook page and have a little read of the comments there, maybe you would like to join in. Remember to keep February 19th in your diary because this will be the day a new device will be revealed and of course we will be covering it all.

What do you think will be revealed by HTC on 19/2/13?


One thought on “HTC Facebook Cover Photo reveals official event date”

  1. thatguy says:

    Don’t hold your breath for the M7. Its nowhere near release even if HTC announces its existence. Trust me on this one. There is something potentially more interesting than the M7 coming as well.

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