Live Tiles problem after Windows Phone 7.8 update


If you own a Nokia smartphone and recently installed the new Windows Phone 7.8 update then please read on because you can help us verify this new problem with Live Tiles getting stuck. It seems that a few owners of Nokia devices are experiencing a little bug since installing Windows Phone 7.8.

Over on the Windows Phone Central Forums one member called neyouk reports that after installing the Windows Phone 7.8 update live tiles are ceasing to update, basically meaning they are getting stuck. So we looked into this a little more and asked a few of our friends in the UK who own Nokia Lumia phones if they are having the same problem, and after asking 6 friends they said “NO” they are not having issues.

So now is the time to dig a little deeper, we got a message via one of our Google+ followers and they sent us a link to WMPoweruser, one of their authors named Paul Katz reports that he updated his Lumia 900 to Windows Phone 7.8 and since doing so it has crippled his app live tiles one by one and now they are all frozen.

Is this a problem in the USA only and not the UK? We have no idea and that is why we are calling out to Nokia Lumia owners who have installed the latest Windows Phone 7.8 update, please come forward and let us know if your Live Tiles are getting stuck?

To be better safe than sorry we suggest all Nokia Lumia owners staying on Windows Phone 7.5 and waiting for confirmation that all is well with the 7.8 update.

We have already mentioned previously about the Nokia Lumia 800 having problems with the volume control after updating to Windows Phone 7.8, if this happened to you please let us know if all is well now or if you are still having issues?


4 thoughts on “Live Tiles problem after Windows Phone 7.8 update”

  1. My Lumia 800 has suffered the frozen live tiles issue after upgrading to 7.8, I develop the Goal Centre app and originally thought it may had been as I had just issued an update to the marketplace but my partners Lumia 800 is ok. Even a hard reset on mine only fixed it for around an hour before they froze again. Her’s was issued by Nokia as part of the Amazing Collective and is UK stock, mine was issue by Microsoft and was one of their Euro stock they say.

    If it helps the product code is the working Lumia is 059L7C2 and the ‘broken’ one is 059J3G4

  2. Craig says:

    I live in the US but have an unlocked UK-variant (059L7C2-801) Lumia 800 running the 7.8 update. My 2-sided flipping tiles appear to be acting normally and I haven’t observed the volume control issues other have mentioned either. Maybe this is my reward for an unlocked device… 😉

  3. Steve says:

    I’m a Lumia 800 user in the UK, and I have the stuck tile problem. Live tiles worked until I did a hard reset three days ago to try to resolve an unrelated issue. The reset didn’t solve the problem it was intended to fix, but it did introduce the stuck time bug! 🙁 I don’t have time to do another hard reset now, it took most of a full day last time to get everything back to normal. I just hope there is another OS update to fix the stuck tile bug.

  4. Jim Slater says:

    I updated though the care suite in December last year and have never had a problem with anything on 7.8. I used the correct branded update and all is brilliant. No tile or lag issues, wifi stays live on screen lock and it is much faster. Kent UK here.

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