Nokia Lumia 800 problem since Windows Phone 7.8 update


Yesterday we told how the Windows Phone 7.8 update was affecting some devices with battery and data usage issues. Today we have news of a further problem since the Windows Phone 7.8 update, which affects the volume control although this problem seems to be particularly affecting the Nokia Lumia 800.

Many users of the Nokia Lumia 800 would have been pleased to get this firmware update, which offered users resizeable Live Tiles, themes from Windows Phone 8 and the option of Bing wallpaper on the lock screen. However if they had known that some Lumia 800 users were now having problems with the volume control on their phone since the update they may have chosen to forego the upgrade to Windows Phone 7.8.

Lumia 800 owners on forums have been reporting a drop in volume strength after the software update, which apparently is so bad that they are having to turn up the volume twice as far as previously, just to hear it at the same level. Others are saying they cannot hear low music at all. The problem is definitely with the update rather than the hardware itself as reflashing Windows Phone 7.8 back on devices that have been affected by the issue then removes the problem.

Other Nokia Lumia handsets have been previously affected by volume control issues but this problem for the Lumia 800 has only been noted since the 7.8 update. We’re not sure if these are a few isolated incidents or if this problem is more widespread so we’d like the help of readers on this one.

We’d like to know if you are aware of any issues with the volume control of your Lumia 800 since the Windows Phone 7.8 update? Let us know by sending us your comments.

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37 thoughts on “Nokia Lumia 800 problem since Windows Phone 7.8 update”

  1. I thought there was a problem with the volume till I looked at the phone, which had a message warning of playing loud music through the earphones can damage your hearing. A part of the update also promised Ringtone Maker, I tried to download this but couldn’t find it in the Marketplace, I found links to the app but when I tried to download it, my phone said I needed the new update first, erm, I just downloaded it!!!!

  2. Lumia 800 owner in the UK. Bought mine sim free. Volume *HAS* dropped noticeably since I updated to 7.8. Whereas before with WP 7.5 I could listen to music at a level of 15 out of 30 now with 7.8 I have to crank it all the way up to 30 to actually hear my music!

    And for those who think I’m just trolling, I love my Lumia and its amazing. My hearing is excellent and I no issues. My only gripe is that Nokia/Microsoft appear to have broken the volume levels with this 7.8 update.

    As another example I was trying to watch an episode of my favourite drama which usually has little background music and lots of talking. On my train into work I could BARELY hear what was going on.

    Nokia need to sort this out and pronto :-/

  3. Hans Berger says:

    I updated over 1 month ago to 7.8. Battery life on 3G improved from 12 hours to 30 (2G remained at 40 hours). No problem whatsoever, I definitely love the upgrade.

  4. Delbois says:

    Very pleased with the update (UK unlocked Lumia 800) – I can get almost 3x the no. of tiles on the home screen so don’t need to scroll down to find main apps. No problems with the volume but still not getting the Ringtone Maker app.

  5. Mitesh says:

    live tiles are no more live.. they dont refresh.. until i open the app… i have not seen a single notification on FB app after the update.. and my whatsapp seems to get disconnected the moment i lock the phone.. the phone definitely looks better.. but performance wise it has gone down.. battery life has increased but thts becoz i cant use whatsapp(the battery eater) for most of the time..Me tile notifications are also getting delayed by 1-2 hrs.. this is driving me insane.. it seems they have degraded the phone instead of upgrading it..

  6. Kurt says:

    I did a forced upgrade a week ago on my Sim free Nokia Lumia 800 here in Spain and I have no volume problem everything seems to work perfectly. I’m listening to music on level 15 or lower, at 30 it would blow out my eardrums.

  7. Vishal says:

    Volume *HAS* dropped noticeably since I updated to 7.8. Whereas before
    with WP 7.5 I could listen to music at a level of 15 out of 30 now with
    7.8 I have to crank it all the way up to 30 to actually hear my music!

    Willl nokia do somethig for this issue..??

  8. Taiwan Frank says:

    Don’t bother installing 7.8. You’ll gain absolutely nothing but a new start screen. This is how you’ll be rewarded for your wait: After the update, my phone responded more slowly. There was a delay of about a second or so after one touched any tile, before something happened, the phone used to be zippy… Now it was sticky. The battery lasted 8 hrs instead of 14. Whenever I listened to music, I got a silly warning about the dangers of loud music – This wasn’t triggered by actual loud music, but by the number on the dial. Sadly, I had to restore to 7.5 to get the old functionality back. Rather have a usable old 7.5 than a slow battery eating new 7.8.

  9. The Cube says:

    Lumia 800, Sky app won’t stream live news, xbox live has stopped updating, volume problem, pod cast stop after 30 second. Do they not test these updates before release. Utter pants.

  10. Gav says:

    Volume up then down, cannot play music and use the internet without it breaking up. Also going slow and some apps don’t work anymore. What have I done……

  11. Perry says:

    I updated my 800 today and the phone no longer works – it rings and I can ring out but no one hears me and I hear no ringing tone or people the other end! What a waste of space! How can a software update kill the phone function!?

  12. radioshuk says:

    Same problem volume has to be continously pressed as goes
    To 00 on its own and i miss calls etc
    also I cannot see who calls or who I have called as in last number
    Scattered through with no order of time/date
    I got my phone back from insurance and since then its a pile of crap
    HELP on restoring to previous software would be greatly appreciated

  13. moonshine says:

    since updating my phone i now have problems with once the screen saver goes on the touch srcreen wont work unless u hold the unlock and down volume to reset the phone but soon as it goes on it does the same again not impressed with the lumia 800 atall only had since december….. when this happens i carnt even answer the phone

  14. tox says:

    my lumia 800 is now making a cracking sound noise on calls with my original lumia 800 headset like it is to loud for the speakers… but i can’t seem to turn down my headset volume.. is there a way to solve this problem? cause it is’nt fun to make calls handsfree now anymore…

  15. Venmer says:

    yest.the sound is pretty slow.previously it was loud enough..and moreover some times automatically sound comes to level 13 from level 30….it really sucks….

  16. Nataliegh says:

    I have a nokia lumia 800 and it would not come on. The last 48 hours I have been trying to get the phone to come on but it’s not charging. Any suggestions as to how to fix this problem? I love the phone and would really like to get it working again.

  17. Ranjit Menon says:

    My son had a Lumia 800, which had same problems from the 3rd week of purchase. When finally it was totally dead we took it to the service centre and after many back & forth episodes, finally it was replaced recently with another L-800, though SMS could not be sent at all. It was then upgraded to Win 7.8 and within a week it is dead again !! Anyone can advice how do we resolve this headache other than throwing this instrument in the dustbin.

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