Sony Xperia C680X mystery 4.2. Jelly Bean device


We do love it when a mystery device shows itself and that seems to be the case with the Sony Xperia C680X, which has just turned up on a benchmark website. This is neither the Xperia Z or the Xperia ZL smartphones that were already announced by Sony at CES but from the little we know so far it does appear to be another top-notch device and runs Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

We’ve been detailing the Xperia ZL (C650X) and the Xperia Z (C660X) but we’ve not seen mention before of a C680X and also wonder if there we will also see a C670X model crop up soon. Browser compatibility for HTML5 standards is benchmarked at the html5.com website and it was here that the C680X appeared, identified as an unrecognized device.

The C680X (or C6802) browser was running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and other than that the only other interesting detail so far is that the display has a resolution of 1920 x 1080, so full HD. Unfortunately no screen size was detailed. Other sources have been checked for the mystery C680X device, such as NenaMark, Picasa and GL Benchmark, but so far it doesn’t seem to have been spotted again.

We’re eager to find out more about the Sony Xperia C680X as the Xperia Z has already impressed us so much we can’t wait to find out what more the C680X will have to offer. We’ll be keeping our noses to the ground and when we hear more about this device we’ll pass on the news.

What are your thoughts on the C680X? Do you have any ideas for what Sony could bring to the table for yet another high-end device? Let us know with your comments.

Source: HTML5 Test via Xperia Blog

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