HealthTap gives you answers & tips from real doctors


The rapid growth in the use of smartphones in the last few years has seen an ever growing variety of applications being released, which away from games can offer users a whole host of useful information and features. Today we have news of a recently updated application called HealthTap that will give you answers and tips from real doctors.

This free Android and iOS application provides users with trustworthy health answers and healthy tips for any condition, health concern, and health answers on any symptom and even wellness topics from thousands of licensed doctors straight from your mobile device.

All health information is fully vetted and a user relevant feed can be set up to always be up to date, and users can even get a free second, third, and 10th opinion if they want to. Answers are available from over 32,000 trusted physicians in 128 different specialties.

Users can easily store and share health information securely with doctors of their choice that can include scans, documents, and images directly to the doctors. The recent update has added a new service called TipTaps that was already found on the HealthTap website, which provides users with tips daily from a variety of different categories.

These can include things such as back pain, healthy cooking, and much more and are written by doctors that are experts in these areas. Users that have already downloaded both versions of the app have been giving it positive reviews, and to find out more or to download head over to the App Store or Google Play, and check out the video we have embedded below.

Have you installed any medical advice apps on your smartphone?

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